Free Ableton Live Packs

Free Ableton Live Packs

Welcome to my archive of free Ableton Live Packs. Looking for some creative inspiration? You should find something here to get your creative juices flowing.

Each pack comes with a free Ableton Instrument and free samples for Ableton (or for use in a DAW or device of your choice).

If you are looking for more free resources to help your music production, check out my free stuff page, where you’ll find free Ableton Templates and links to free effect plugins. You might also enjoy the 200+ free packs for Ableton post I made 🙂

How do I install an Ableton Pack?

Here’s how to install the Ableton packs you downloaded as an .alp file.

Double-click the ALP file or drag it anywhere into Ableton Live to install the Pack.

Once it’s installed, it will appear in the ‘Places’ section of  Live’s Browser under Packs.

Need a bit more help? Read my article: How do I install an Ableton Pack?

Free Ableton Live Packs: Long list

Free Ableton Live Pack #001 Circuit Bent Yamaha Pss 140 
Free Ableton Live Pack #002 Casper Electronics Nova Drone Synth
Free Ableton Live Pack #003 Wet Dry Rack
Free Ableton Pack #004 Boomwhackas
Free Ableton Live Pack #005 Donkey Jaws
Free Ableton Live Pack #006 Xylomatic
Free Ableton Pack #007 Peruvian Whistling Vessel
Free Ableton Pack 008 – Plastic Baby Legs
Free Ableton Pack #009 Metals
Free Ableton Pack #010 – Fart Arpeggiator
Free Ableton Pack #011 – Dirty DFAM Toms
Free Ableton Pack #12 – 2hp Pluck
Free Ableton Pack #13 – Indigo Jung Organic Grooves
Free Ableton Pack #14 – Prophet Rev 2
Free Ableton Pack #15 – Moog DFAM
Free Ableton Pack #16 – Cloud Drum

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