Featured image for "Free Ableton Live Pack #007" shows a South American whistling vessel adorned with bird-like spouts, set against a brown background. Below the main title, the text reads "South American Whistling Vessel.

Free Ableton Pack #007 Peruvian Whistling Vessel

Download via Gumroad

I was at Dave Insua Cao’s studio to record more of his delightful & unusual percussion. This time, we recorded the Peruvian Whistling Vessel. I then chopped up the samples and made them into two free Ableton Instruments for you. 

It’s a very unusual sound of both water & air! 

Ideal for some stranger sound design, this instrument rack also has effects added. You can filter chop, spectral resonate, saturate, and add reverb to really morph this sound. I hope you enjoy it!

Whats in the free Ableton Pack?

2 x Free Ableton Instrument Rack
1 x Sample Folder

Whistling Vessel Ableton instrument racks with Reso, Chopped Filter & reverb.
The download file contains a free Ableton Live pack which includes the one shots and loops.
Samples of a Peruvian Whistling Vessel turned into 2 Ableton Instruments.
There are free samples included in the download as well as those in the Ableton Instrument Rack.
The instruments are two seperate uses of whistling vessel samples with an added effect rack.

Why would I want that?

To create some interesting, weird pads and FX.

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double-clicking on it.


Available via Gumroad:

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