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List of Free Drum Machine Plugins

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I’ve pulled together a list 18 free drum machine plugins that are available to download now. There’s a table of contents below and a brief description of each drum machine with a download link included. 
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Alan Vista Chau Gongs

Screenshot of "Chau Gongs" by Alan Vista, showcases four different gongs accompanied by controls for volume, pan, and release. Positioned at the top are additional knobs for dynamic range and master volume. All elements are set against a red brick-patterned background.
Chau Gongs Drum synth

Want a chinese gong set? Of course you do. Chau Gons gives you just that, a Wind gong and 3 Tantam gongs of 40, 28 and 20 inches. All the samples are arranged into 3 velocity layers. They sound quite good, and provide an experimental sound when the decay is shortened (listen to the video below!).

Drum Machine Features

  • 4 gongs.
  • 3 velocity layers.
  • Release time, pan and volume controls for each gong.
  • Amplitude dynamic range.
  • Master volume.

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free Drum Plugin Download HERE

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Alan Vista Cymbalistic

A screenshot of a Cymbalistic interface displays various cymbal controls. These include hi-hat, ride, crash, and Chinese cymbals, each with adjustable parameters such as pan, volume, release, dynamics, and specific sound samples tailored for each type of cymbal.
cymbalistic drum synth

If Alan’s Wind gong doesn’t satisfy you, prehaps Cymbalistic will?! Alan Vista has taken 68 stereo samples from the University of Iowa Electronic music studios and created this sampled cymbals set. Great VST for getting different percussion sounds.

Drum Machine Features

  • 1 Hi hat.
  • 1 ride cymbal.
  • 4 crash cymbals.
  • 2 chinese cymbals.
  • 4 stereo outputs.
  • Release time for each cymbal.
  • Volume and Pan for each cymbal.
  • Amplitude dynamic range control.

Windows 64 / 32 bit.
Free Plugin Download HERE 

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Alan Vista Royotoms

Screenshot of "Royotoms" by Alan Vista UI. There are various knobs and dials for controlling drum settings, including Dynamic, Reverb Time, Reverb Level, Punch, Master, and Gain. Displayed in the top right corner is a rainbow graphic.
Alan Vista Royotoms

Another cracking drum vst plugin from Alan. Royotoms is a sampled rototoms set by Roy Miller, tuned to the track “Time” by Pink Floyd. A set of reverb samples were also created by using an impulse repsonse from an EMT-140 plate reverb unit. I love this!

Drum Machine Features

  • 48 mono 44.1Khz/24 bit dry samples.
  • 48 stereo 44.1Khz/24 bit reverb samples.
  • 3 velocity layers.
  • 2 round-robin samples by layer.

Available for Mac & Windows.

Free drum vst Plugin Download HERE

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Audio Spillage Mini Spillage

A screenshot of the MiniSpillage drum synthesizer software interface showcases a variety of sliders, knobs, and buttons for adjusting settings like pitch, amp, and distortion. The right side includes boxes labeled "Warm Kick," "Hollow Drum," and "Tite Hihat.
Audio Spillage Minispillage

MiniSpillage is also featured on the List of Free Synths blog post. It’s a handy drum synthesizer containing 3 algorithms that use FM & model synthesis to create a bass drum, wood drum and hi hat. It also contains distortion effects and resonant filters.

Available for Windows.

Free Drum Machine Download HERE

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Decomposer Sitala

Screenshot of the Sitala drum Synth UI. This interface shows a waveform display along with various editable sliders and knobs for adjusting shape, tuning, volume, compression, tone, and pan settings. Additionally, labeled drum pads are arranged at the bottom of the screen.

Sitala is a very simple drum machine plugin that focuses on ease of use. Most DAWs have a built in drum sampler which would have more features than Sitala – though if you want a stand alone drum machine, this will provide the basics for you.

Available for Mac & Windows.

Free Plugin Download HERE

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Screenshot of DrumTroop Urban Sample Workstation interface. There's a grid of pads labeled with different notes. It includes knobs for controlling pitch and modulation, along with a keyboard layout positioned at the top. Additionally, various settings for low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) and sound customization are visible within the interface.
Drum Troop

Drum TROOP  is a decent sounding drum machine plugin. It comes with 20 free drum kits, 128 triggers on each kit, 16 outputs and Vol, Pan, attack, release per pad. Check out the video to give you a flavour.

Drum Machine Features

  • 16outputs (one per pad, and the rest of the keys are added/split into the last three)
  • We use all 128 triggers on every kit.
  • 16-20 sounds per kit (some kits are full = 100+ samples)
  • Universal drum placement on the first 8 pads.
  • One shot expansions + construction kit expansions.
  • .wav files come with MOST of the expansions (all but one actually)
  • Quick on board Vol, Pan, Attack, Release per pad (the rest is done in your daw, no fx/bloat inside)
  • Cool skins that change per expansion.
  • 3 different setups among 3 different templates (16x, 12x, 4x, in span/romp/rr/mixed formats)
  • 90% never released content – hidden surprises everywhere (including extra sounds in the .wav folders)
  • MIDI files coming soon with a ton of drum patterns in many genres to help you get going on a composition fast.

Free Plugin Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin for Mac & Windows)

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MDrummer Small by Melda Production

Screenshot of MDrummer UI. Displays various tabs such as 'Quick Setup,' 'Mixer,' 'Effects,' 'Song,' 'Drumset Editor,' 'Rhythm Editor,' and 'Rhythm Generator.' Visible on the interface is a list of drum sounds and effects.
Melda Production MDrummer

MDrummer Small is the slimmed down, free version of MDrummer. You still have access to the virtual drummer and drum machine however some of the features (listed below) are limited.

Drum Machine Features

  • More than 6GB of samples, multisamples, subsample libraries and more
  • 600+ drumsets, 12000+ drumset components, 1800+ samples, 1600+ multisamples, 700+ rhythms, 300+ base-rhythms, 14000+ loops
  • 5 ultimate sound generators – Sampler, MultiSampler, Synthesizer4NN, SubSampleSynth and Scratcher
  • About 60 versatile effects – equalizers, compressors, distortions, modulations…
  • Drumset generator & merger
  • Effect generator & merger
  • Ultimate human-like rhythm technology
  • MIDI command method
  • Integrated arrangement sequencer
  • Jamming functionality
  • Rhythm generator & merger

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free Plugin Download HERE

Mix Project T.Rex 606

Screenshot of a digital drum machine  labeled "T-REX 606 Made in Argentina" and features seven buttons designated for different drum sounds: Kick, Snare, CHat (Closed Hat), OHat (Open Hat), HTom (High Tom), LTom (Low Tom), and Cymbal. Additionally, the device is equipped with two side knobs used to adjust Volume and Reverb.
T- Rex 606

T Rex 606 is a very simple drum machine rompler based on the classic sounds of the Roland 606 vintage drum machines. It features only volume and reverb dials to give you quick access to the 606 sound.

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free VST Plugin Download HERE

MT Power Drumkit 2

Screenshot of the MT Power Drum Kit 2 software interface. This setup features a snare, bass, toms, hi-hat, crash, ride, and splash cymbals. All these components are arranged in a typical configuration and placed on a wooden platform with a rug underneath.
MT Power Drumkit 2 T

MT Power Drumkit 2 offers you the sound of a realistic, high quality acoustic drum kit. This kit would suit most rock, pop and metal productions.

The samples have been pre-processed with EQ and compression to help the drum sounds fit into your mixes. There are many assorted rhythms and midi grooves to try and also a fill generator!

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free Plugin Download HERE

Real Drum Samples – Line of Legends

Screenshot of "Line of Legends" features buttons for a variety of drum sounds, including kick, snare, clap, snap, toms, hi-hat, ride, and crash. Each sound comes with punch and release options that have corresponding output channels.
Line Of Legends

Line of Legends is a virtual drum machine that uses high quality drum samples from realdrumsamples.com. The drum samples used are taken from audio engineer Jay Fisher’s drum sample library. A collection of his best drum sounds amassedover his engineering career. There’s a lot of paid content on his site, however, if you sign up to his email list you receive a bunch of free samples. The drum machine provided on VST4Free divides these samples into 8 sections (Kick, Snare, Clap, Snap,Toms, Hi Hat, Ride, Crash)

Drum Machine Features

  • 47 high quality samples.
  • 8 individual outputs.
  • Punch knobs for attack sculpting.
  • Release and Pan knobs (not labelled).

Free Drum Plugin Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin for Windows & macOS)

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Sample Science – Vintage Drum Elements

Screenshot of the "Vintage Drum Elements" UI,  showcasing a "Drum Kit: Yamaha RX5 R1" alongside 16 rectangular drum pad buttons. The user can control various effects, including vinyl, trim, gain, reverb, decay, rate, depth, and punch.
Vintage Drum elements

Vintage Drum Elements v2 is a virtual vintage drum machine that gives you the classic sounds of the Yamaha RX-5 vintage drum machine. The RX-5 was a big hitting drum machine in the 80s used by many professional music producers, including The Pets Shop Boys, Depeche Mode & Masters at Work.
Check out the demo below:

Free drum Plugin Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin for Windows & macOS)

Sean Pandy Drums

Screenshot of the "Sean Pandy" drum machine, featuring seven channels dedicated to kick, snare, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, sub blaster, and master level. Each channel includes blue knobs for fine-tuning specific parameters, sliders to control volume levels precisely, and mute buttons for silencing individual tracks.
Sean Pandy Drums

Sean Pandy Drums is a drum rompler plugin featuring Kick, Snare, 4 Toms and a “Sub Blower”! The drum sounds are made up of 6 velocity layers and have up to 10 random robin samples. The samples are taken from metal producer Sean Pandy’s personal library and have been turned into this free drum machine plugin by chokehold.net. 

Free Drum VST Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin for Windows & macOS)

RVK – 808

Scrfeenshot of "BEATMAKER RVK-808" features rows of knobs and buttons for various controls like pitch, noise, level, pan, attack, and release. The bottom row's pads are labeled for different drum sounds such as BD (bass drum), SD (snare drum), CH (closed hi-hat), and OH (open hi-hat).
RVK – 808

Elecktronic Soundlab’s RVK-808 is a free drum machine inspired by the TR- 808 original drum machine. This gives you the classic sounding analog drums of an 808, a classic electronic drum kit for techno and house. You get all the same drum sounds as the orignal 

Drum Machine Features

  • 272 quality samples.
  • 17 drum kits.
  • Assignable outputs.
  • Pan, release, and level controls.
  • Bassdrum tone, reverb (layers), noise fx and global pitch bend.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • 100% royalty free.
  • Download size: 597 MB – Unzipped size: 1,15 GB.

Free Plugin Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin for Windows & macOS)

Steven Slate Drums

Screenshot of the SSD5 drum plugin. The interface features options for instrument selection, microphone levels, volume, panning, and tuning. In the center of the screen is a virtual red drum kit.
Steven Slate Drums SSD5 FREE

SSD5 FREE is the demo version of Steven Slate’s SSD5 plugin. There’s no expiry on the demo, so it works nicely as a standalone drum plugin. Of course this version has limited drum kits available but otherwise it has full functionality!

Available for Mac & Windows.

Free Plugin Download HERE

Studio Linked – Drum Pro

Screenshot of the Drum Pro virtual drum machine. The interface features blue drum pad buttons labeled with alphanumeric codes, multiple control knobs, sliders, and various settings and options.

Studio Linked Drum Pro features 20 kits to get you started making beats for most genres of music. It contains samples from some of the classic drum machines including the Roland TR – 808, 909, Boss Dr 55 and Novation drumstation. 

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free Plugin Download HERE

Teragon Kick Maker

Screenshot of the Teragon Kickmaker interface, it consists of three primary sections equipped with knobs for adjusting frequencies, amplification, effects, and various sound parameters. Accompanying these controls is a display screen that showcases the current settings. For additional sound control options, there are sliders integrated into the interface. The overall design is sleek and technical in appearance.
Teragon Kickmaker

KickMaker is made up of four independent oscillators and a wide range of effects. This allows you to synthesize your own kick drum sounds.

Drum Machine Features

  • Four independent oscillators
  • Each oscillator has its own ADSR curve
  • ADSR curve for mixed signal

Available for Windows & Mac.

Free Plugin Download HERE

Simple Recorder DjinnDrum

Screenshot of a DJINNDRUM UI. On the left side, volume and tuning knobs are labeled "Global" and "Tuning." On the right side, there's a "Mixer" section with sliders for different drum elements alongside a grid of pads.
SimpleRecorder Djinndrum VST

SimpleRecorder DjinnDrum is a plugin of the emulation of the Linndrum drum machine. 

Free Plugin Download HERE
(32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin for Windows)

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