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Free Ableton Templates

100+ Best Free Ableton Templates

Collection of the best Free Ableton Templates. Includes Ableton templates for Techno, Dubstep, Hip Hop, House, Trance and more.

Looking for a bit of inspiration? Free Ableton Templates are a great way to start making music. Check out this list of Ableton templates to uncover new ideas, production methods or to get started on a new track.

What is an Ableton Template?


An Ableton template is an Ableton project that has been saved for you to re open and use again and again. It will include all the instrument racks, samples, plugins that have been setup previously.

I’ve organised the free Ableton templates into two sections. Those that are multipurpose and can be used in any genre and then those that are genre specific.

You will find two kinds of production templates in the sections below. ‘Default templates’ to start tracks and other templates that show you an example of the workflow and structure of a finished track.

All you need to do is click on the download link, download the project files and open the project. Enjoy the free template and get making some music! Hope it helps 🙂

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Touchosc Templates

If you already have touchosc to control other MIDI devices why not try these files for controling your DAW.

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Trap Ableton Templates


A selection of free Ableton project files and Ableton templates for trap music.

Dance/ Electronic Templates

I made this category as a bit of a catch all for artists that didn’t fit neatly into the other genres.

Experimental Templates

These templates are more focussed around sound design and using Ableton in an interesting way to make music. Chekc them out for some creative inspiration (and free Abelton samples!). 

If you are looking for more free stuff to help you make music in Ableton then check out my Free Stuff page. It includes free Ableton live packs and free VST plugins to help improve your productions.

Why use Ableton Templates?

Templates can be really useful to see what production secrets hide in another producer’s track. When I’m improving my music production skills I often want to know how a particular sound is made, what plugin was used, how much compression is on the drum bus, or what synth made that lead sound. Opening up a template can give that insight, allowing us to improve our knowledge of a new genre and reduce the time it would take to learn this by ourselves.

This is the beauty of using a template. The free Ableton project files will include the song arrangement, free samples, presets, mixing, and sound design for a particular track. This is why getting access to a producer’s project folder can really help you uncover their sounds and production method.

Using or creating your own Ableton templates will also help make your music production a lot faster. You’ll have all the sounds, plugins, presets, and clips that you need to start making music in one project. This saves you from having to rebuild your setup for every one of your tracks. The constraints that this creates can also be beneficial too.

Getting Started with Free Ableton Live Templates

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for in my list, I encourage you to keep looking for templates or swapping them with other producers. I think it’s a really good way to learn how to make electronic music, improve your mixing, and arrangement, or understand new genres.

You can find free project files to download all over the web, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. When selecting a template, be sure to check out what files and sound samples are included so you can make sure it’s right for your genre and project.

Also keep in mind that some templates may require additional plugins to work, so make sure they’re compatible with your version of Ableton Live before downloading the projects folder.