Installing Ableton Live Packs

How do I install an Ableton Pack?

To install an ableton Pack first download the Ableton Pack .alp file and locate it in your download folder.

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Install an Ableton Pack downloaded as an ALP file

Here’s how to install the Ableton Live packs that you have downloaded as an .alp file. This applies to Packs you have purchased from Ableton and from third parties.

  • Simply double click on the ALP file or drag and drop it anywhere in Live to install the Pack.
  • Once installed, they will appear in the Places section in Live’s Browser under Packs.
  • Third party packs will need you to decide an installation destination.

Another method to install a live pack is to:

  • Go to ‘File’ and select “Install Pack”.
  • Locate & select the ALP file to install.
  • Choose a folder on your computer to store your Live Packs.

Alternative Ableton live pack: Installation into a custom folder

You can organise the Ableton live packs you acquire into a custom folder.
To do this first create a custom folder and name it:

For example: “Free Ableton Live Packs”

When you install your Live pack choose the custom folder “Free Ableton Live Packs” as the installation destination. This will help with file managment and keep all your packs organised.

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How to install an Ableton Live Pack using the Live Browser

You can download all available Ableton Packs for your license (and any previously purchased Packs) and install them directly from Live’s Browser.

  • Navigate to the ‘Places’ tab and click on ‘Packs’.
How to Install an Ableton Live Pack - Places
  • Go to the list of Available Packs and unfold the list.
How to Install an Ableton Live Pack - Available Packs
  • Find the Ableton Pack to install and then click on the downward arrow (download icon).
  • Your download will start. Once download is complete you can click the “Install” button.
How to Install Ableton Live Packs - Download
  • Now installed your Pack will display in Live’s browser.

What is an Ableton live pack?

An Ableton Live Pack can contain Live Sets, samples, Clips, and presets, all made specifically for Ableton Live.

You can make your own live packs for sharing projects with other people or archiving your projects. Ableton packs are a gret source of inspiration for Sound design, templates, racks and Ableton Instruments. If you are looking for some ideas check out my free Ableton Packs.

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