A colorful xylophone instrument is housed in a red case with mallets, set against a white and red background displaying the text: "Free Ableton Live Pack #006 - Xylomatic.

Free Ableton Live Pack #006 Xylomatic

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Another recording session exploring percussionist Dave Insua Cao‘s studio. Ableton Pack 006 contains samples of his Xylomatic turned into an Ableton Instrument Rack.  

The Xylomatic is a rare toy instrument manufactured in the 1970s by a Spanish company called ‘Congost’. It was known as an “Automatic Mechanical Xylophone”. The cyclomatic is hand-cranked; as a cylinder turns, and pins on the cylinder dictate what notes are played and in what order. It’s an incredibly weird-sounding instrument. Slightly eerie. The samples that were recorded are included in the download, as well as an Ableton Instrument rack with added effects.

Given the instrument’s metallic nature, I thought using grain delay would go nicely with the sound. The Ableton instrument rack includes added reverb, grain delay, delays, filter, and spectral resonators. This Ableton instrument can be played dry, or the effects can be added to create interesting sound design.

Why would I want that?

Create some eerie melodies and shimmering delays! 🙂

Ableton Racks x1

1 x Free Ableton Instrument Rack
1 x Sample Folder
Xlyomatic Instrument rack with Spectral Resonator, filter, verb, Grain Delay.
The download file contains a free Ableton Live pack which includes the one shots and one loop.

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double-clicking on it.

Choose a folder to install it to.


If you’re struggling, here’s a more detailed guide on how to install Ableton Packs.

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