The Velvet Shadow

The Velvet Shadow

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Manchester based producer Matt Temperley better known as The Velvet Shadow creates, atmospheric, dark, yet beautiful dystopian electronica. Inspired by imaginary post apocalyptic worlds and dissociative mind states.

Matt started exploring sound manipulation and production with ‘Startrekker’ on an old Amiga 500 in the mid 90s. His musical tastes expanded when he discovered 808 state’s pirate radio show in his teens. This discovery led him to explore the record shops of Oldham Street, Manchester looking for ‘underground sounds’.  

Matt studied Music Production at Leeds College of Music where he further experimented with electronic and acoustic sound. Whilst studying Matt absorbed the club culture and rave scene in Leeds. The exposure to club music heavily influenced Matt’s attempts to create music that helps take the listener to different states of being.

During his late 20s Matt fell ill with a dissociative disorder and cPTSD. This stopped Matt from working and engaging with the world. As his mental health declined he was trapped for years inside a mental apocalypse. Reality turned into a woozy dystopian nightmare as his mind ate itself. Strong antipsychotic drugs clouded his soul. Survival became the only hope. These altered states of dissociative consciousness heavily influence Matt’s productions. Matt tries to articulate with his productions the experience of dissociated states.

Currently focusing on morphing his studio in to a live performance setup Matt is experimenting with modular synths, live loopers, Fx Pedals and Ableton Live.

Matt’s latest release 50mg is inspired by his experience of withdrawing from anti psychotics. At the time of writing his single Matt had cut down to a 50mg dose. This reduction created angst and confusion for Matt which was calmed by expressing his experience in his music. 50mg is both an expression of and comfort to dissociation.