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10 of the Best DJ Courses Online 2024

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The internet is amazing; you can now learn to DJ online. Yup, there are loads of online DJ schools waiting to teach you how to DJ. This list of the best online DJ courses will get you mixing your favorite tracks in no time. The list features complete courses taught via online video lessons, including 1-1 feedback, and can be done anywhere there’s an internet connection. There’s a range of course prices and content for you to decide which the best DJ course for you is. Happy mixing!

Summary of Best Online DJ Courses

Here’s a quick breakdown of the best online DJ courses and DJ Schools. If you’re a beginner DJ on a budget, DJ Courses Online offers a subscription model, providing access to top quality video courses for a reasonable $19 a month, you can cancel at any time, so it’s a great place to start. If you’re serious about your studies and happy to pay more, Pointblank Music School is one of the most highly recommended schools for DJing. They offer a range of comprehensive DJ courses that have won them the accolade of “Best DJ school” by DJ Mag. You can also learn in person at their music school campuses worldwide.

If you want to learn from professional DJs, Pete Tong’s DJ Academy keeps it simple, offering just one DJ course with input from top names in the DJ industry. Questlove & Armin Van Buuren offer short but useful courses at Masterclass.

Club Ready DJ School aims to get aspiring club DJs ready to play a gig after completing their 4 week course. They also offer a useful free DJ course.

Featuring a sizable DJ community, a range of courses, and a bestselling DJ bookRock the Dancefloor“. Digital DJ Tips offers comprehensive online courses for both experienced and beginner DJs. The creative online learning platform Skillshare offers a few entry-level DJ courses for beginner DJs.

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DJ School Comparison Table

DJ School


£775 +

$299 -$1295

£15 p/month

£10 p/month billed annualy

£14p/month or £72 p/a




3 months +

15 hours




50+ hours

25 hours

Live Classes








1 to 1 feedback sessions








Courses available


3 main courses

16 Video Courses

4 Celebrity Courses




Free DJ course Available







Software Discounts









Online Student Community & Virtual Learning Environment

Club Ready Tribe





Academy Community

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Best online DJ courses

Best DJ School for in person and online DJ courses

1. Point Blank Music School – Best DJ courses online 

View at Pointblankmusicschool.com

Point Blank Music School is a renowned fixture in the music industry. Founded in 1994 as a commercial recording studio, Point Blank London has since blossomed globally, into one of the most sought-after music production and DJ schools.

The quality of the DJ and music production courses here has led Point Blank Music School to be voted DJ Mag’s ‘Best Music Production & DJ School’. The top-quality course content, world-renowned facilities, great lecturers, and superb course content also won the ‘Best Independent University’ award at the WhatUni Student Choice Awards. This accreditation highlights that Point Blank offers one of the best DJ courses online.

The music school is supported by impressive alumni, including Pete Tong, Goldie, Spoony, Claude VonStroke, Patrick Topping, Madam X, Gemma Cairney, Monki, Nicole Moudaber, Mistajam and more. The expert lecturers are also heavily involved in the music industry, so you’ll be getting taught cutting-edge DJ skills from cutting-edge DJs.

Established industry professionals feature heavily in the teaching staff, making Point Blank an ideal choice for those looking to break into the DJ and electronic music production industry. Point Blank prides itself on providing a unique learning experience that combines cutting-edge technology with experienced tutors and mentors.

With an emphasis placed on creativity, collaboration, and innovation, Point Blank Music School is the perfect place for any budding DJ to begin their journey. Whether you’re looking to launch your career in DJing or want to learn more about the craft, Point Blank Music School has something for everyone. With a range of courses available both online and across four continents, there’s no limit to what you can learn. Point Blank definitely offers the best online DJ courses available.

Point Blank Music School offers a variety of physical and online courses for aspiring DJs and DJ/producers. Below I have outlined their online DJ courses and DJ programs. The online courses are available everywhere; the in person classes take place in Point Blank studios in Los Angeles, London, Mumbai, China and Ibiza. You can find out more about their DJ classes in Los Angeles here.

After completing a professional course at Point Blank, you’ll also gain exclusive discounts and credit towards a range of other classes.

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Online DJ Courses

As part of every online course, you will get access to a range of Point Blank’s Online Learning features. You’ll get 1-2-1 sessions to provide you with individual time to speak to your lecturers. This is a great feature of the online course, as it means you can share your projects, mixes and get advice and feedback on specific areas of your assignments. Getting good quality, expert feedback will help you avoid mistakes and learn a lot faster. Feedback & student interaction is something that is missing from a lot of online courses, courses tend to just provide you with videos to watch. If you can find a course with feedback & lecturer interaction it is immensly helpful.

With Point Blank you can expect feedback and 1-2-1 sessions to cover tutorial exercises, course materials, academic assistance and carer/industry tips, and to be able to ask any questions you want. the lectures are live and also feature student/ lecturer interaction.

You’ll also benefit from Point Blank Music’s purpose-built Virtual Learning Environment, which allows you to network with the wider Point Blank community. The flexibility of the online courses also allows you to study at a time and place that suits you. The courses are payable either as one lump sum or in installments per month plus a £50 registration fee.

There are three courses:

DJ Skills in Depth – 6 months, 2 modules.

Creative DJ Skills – 3 months, 1 module.

Essential DJ Skills – 10 weeks, 1 module.

DJ Skills in Depth

6 months, 2 modules.

The DJ Skills In Depth course at Point Blank Music School covers content from both the Essential DJ Skills and Creative DJ Skills courses. This comprehensive program teaches students the fundamentals of what it takes to become a successful DJ, including technical aspects, music theory, harmonic mixing, acapella mixing, effects and scratching techniques. With experienced tutors providing personalized feedback throughout your learning experience, you will gain all the skills needed to take your DJing career to the next level.

The Point Blank DJ Skills In Depth course also equips you with the skills to create professional-sounding mixes. You will learn how to record, edit and perfect a DJ mix using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation – eg. Ableton Live). With expert guidance from experienced industry professionals, you will gain the confidence to pursue a successful DJ career.

The Point Blank DJ Skills In Depth course also offers expert advice from experienced industry professionals on how to establish and maintain a successful DJ brand. You will learn tips for getting DJ gigs, as well as how to use Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software and its creative features such as sample players, cue points and loops. This thorough course provides students with the essential skills needed to pursue a career as a professional DJ.

Topics covered:

  • Equipment Overview
  • Cueing
  • Drop Mixing
  • Beat Matching
  • Equalisation
  • Transforming
  • Programming Mixes
  • Recording a Mix
  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Acapella Mixing
  • Rekordbox
  • Effects
  • Digital DJ tricks
  • Scratching techniques
  • Creative mixing techniques
  • Building a DJ brand/career
  • Recording & editing mixes
  • Rekordbox (Export Mode)

Creative DJ Skills

3 months, 1 module

The Creative DJ Skills course will equip you with performance and editing skills and encourage creativity and experimentation in your approach to DJ-ing.

The DJ classes teaches a range of key creative techniques, using industry-standard, modern DJ Hardware, including harmonic mixing, acapella mixing, effects, scratching techniques, and more (see table below). As you develop your knowledge of these DJ techniques you will be encouraged to develop a critical understanding of them. Part of the DJ class focuses on how to record, edit, and perfect your DJ mixes using a DAW. This will teach you to edit your mix, fix errors, create bespoke idents/DJ Drops and create professional-sounding mixes for a range of scenarios (promotion, guest radio slots etc.).

Music Industry professionals with a wide range of experience will teach you tips and tricks for establishing/maintaining your DJ brand and how to get DJ gigs. You’ll be taught how to use Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software (in Performance mode) and how to confidently utilise creative features such as cue points, loops, and sample players during performances.

  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Acapella Mixing
  • Rekordbox
  • Effects
  • Digital DJ tricks
  • Scratching techniques
  • Creative mixing techniques
  • Building a DJ brand/career
  • Recording & editing mixes

Essential DJ Skills

10 weeks, 1 module

The Essential DJ Skills online DJ course is ideal for people who are interested in a DJing career. As you might imagine, this course teaches you the essential DJ skills. Point Blank do that by focusing on teaching fundamental DJ Techniques, what it takes to become a successful DJ and providing you an understanding of music theory. The course will teach you how to DJ using industry-standard tools such as DJ controllers, Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox – gaining insight into its powerful features including beat grids, exporting playlists, and organising music. If you’re curious how previous students have gotten on you can check out some of Point Blank’s DJ student success stories here.

  • Equipment Overview
  • Cueing
  • Drop Mixing
  • Beat Matching
  • Equalisation
  • Transforming
  • Rekordbox (Export Mode)
  • Programming Mixes
  • Recording a Mix

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Best DJ School

2. Club Ready DJ School

View at Clubreadydjschool.com

Club Ready DJ School provides all the education you need to become a successful DJ. Run by Andrew Duffield, an experienced DJ and promotor of 15 years, Club Ready DJ school aims for you to be ‘club ready’ after completing one of their courses. They have three courses on offer that include lessons on core foundations, technical skills and creative concepts, all with guidance from industry. They also offer a free DJ course which you can try here:

Club Ready Online Best Online DJ Course

Course 1
Over 40 videos for you to get club ready in 4 weeks. 5 weeks course covering:

Week 1 – Core Foundations
Week 2- Pro DJ Transitions and set crafting
Week 3 – Advanced transitions and set flow
Week 4 – Creative mixing, looping, main effects
Plus 3 bonus tutorials & bonus Course “Controller to Club”.

Selection of Club Ready DJ School products

Course 2
Course two offers advanced courses for a specific genre of dance music either house, EDM or Party and 3 other modules:

  • Advanced House, Advanced EDM, Advanced Party (You can pick one genre).
  • Creative Mixing
  • 3 Deck Challenges
  • Advanced FX
  • Bonus Section including video lessons & bonus Course “Controller to Club”.

Club Ready Best Online DJ Course

Course 3
Drawing on his experience in the DJ industry in this DJ course Andrew helps you get yourself ready to play live, promote yourself and start to build your DJ career. The course features the following modules:

  • Preparing To Play Live
  • Marketing 101
  • Industry Insights
  • Are You Club Ready
  • Feedback On Mixes

The online DJ courses on offer at Club Ready DJ School are amongst some of the best online, they’re great value too. If you’re interested, you can try the free mini course to get a taste of Andrew’s teaching style, or click the link below for more info on the full course here.

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Best DJ Courses Online

The best online DJ course that offers a monthly subscription.

3. DJ Courses Online

View at DJcoursesonline.com

As their name suggests, DJ Courses online offers… DJ courses online. The difference is that they use a subscription payment model, so rather than buying each course individually, you get access to ALL their courses and video lessons for a monthly fee. Super handy for beginner DJs or those on a budget. You can cancel anytime, which makes it easy to try for a month and if it’s not for you, you only spent $19.

DJ Courses Online video lessons will suit both aspiring and experienced DJs. There’s a range of content for you to get stuck into, covering how to DJ, DJ Techniques, Advanced DJ techniques, career advice, and courses on industry-leading DJ software such as Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, Mixed In Key and Ableton Live.

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The main course, “How to DJ” is delivered by Amsterdam-born DJ and producer DJ TLM. TLM has been rocking crowds in clubs, festivals and corporate events for over 25 years. In the How to DJ online course DJ TLM provides you with everything you need to know to become a performing DJ, covering topics:

  • How to beat match
  • Sync
  • Timing (the structure of songs)
  • The importance of your song selection
  • Understanding the most important functions on DJ equipment
  • Using the EQ
  • Using effects
  • Scratching 101: the baby scratch
  • Scratching 101: drops
  • Scratching 101: the fader
  • Scratching 101: transformer scratch
  • Recording your mixes
  • Branding: promoting yourself as a DJ

Overall, DJ courses online have a great offering of online courses that many DJs will find useful. Beginner DJs will find the ‘How to DJ’ course a great start and more experienced DJs will find value in the advanced and intermediate courses too. The subscription model is a nice approach, allowing unlimited access to all the video lessons for a modest $19 a month. DJ Courses Online is one of the best ways you can learn to DJ at this price point.

Find out more about their online courses by clicking the link below:

Digital DJ Tips Best Online DJ Course

4. Digital DJ Tips

View at DigitalDjTips.com

Founded in 2010 by Phil Morse, a former DJ & club promoter from Manchester, UK, Digital DJ Tips is one of the world’s leading online DJ schools. Since 2010, it has provided DJs with DJ news, features, free training and gear reviews.

Digital DJ tips’ online DJ training courses have helped over 35,000 students in over 168 countries around the globe, offering aspiring music producers & DJs courses on mixing skills, scratching, making music, and starting their own DJ business.

The tutors and team behind Digital DJ Tips’ online DJ courses are all well-established DJs in their own right. You can learn from experienced DJs such as Joey Santos, Phil Morse, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Steve Canueto, James Hype, Laidback Luke and DJ ANGELO.

They have over 25+ courses for you to choose from, ranging from their complete DJ courses to single courses, covering the subjects of mixing, production, DJ software, and other DJ topics.

Their flagship course ‘Complete DJ’ is a natural progression of their best-selling book “Rock the Dancefloor“, an Amazon best-selling book on how to DJ. You could check that out before signing up for any courses – their website has a free PDF version.

Like the book, the Complete course is spaced over nine modules, including 80+ lessons, covering the following steps:

Step One – Gear
Step Two – The Music
Step Three – DJing Techniques
Step Four – Playing Out
Step Five – Promoting Yourself

With this course, you also receive access to supporting materials, tutors, and their unique training portal.

Also of interest is The DJ Test, an online learning tool that helps you work out where you most need to improve as a DJ! Complete the tool, and it will offer you personalized free training based on your results.

Signing up with Digital DJ Tips also has the benefit of being able to tap into their online community. (They have over a million followers on FacebookYouTube and Instagram). Learning any music production skill is made so much easier with a friendly, like-minded bunch of peers.

Find out more about Digital DJ Tips by clicking on the link below.

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Pete Tong Best online DJ Course

5. Pete Tong DJ Academy

View at Petetong-djacademy.com

Launched in April 2022, Pete Tony DJ Academy provides a huge 11 Chapter DJ course from club DJ heavyweights Pete Tong and Carl Cox. Pete Tong and his fellow tutors are some of the most well known dance music DJs in the world. They have distilled their expertise into a complete how-to DJ course. The comprehensive course will suit both beginner DJs and experienced DJs.

In the DJ program, you get theory, technical lessons, and teachers explaining their set up and DJ set step by step, including the FX parameters, tips and tricks they’ve developed over their career. You’ll also get valuable advice on how to build your career, how to deal with managers and promoters and all the mistakes to avoid.

Their How to DJ course consists of 11 chapters:

Intro and mindset to succeed – Welcome and Intro, Access to Your Army Promo pool, History and bio of Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, TSHA and Adam Beyer, The Difference between DJing and Live, The mindset of the Professional DJ.

The perfect set up – Basic DJ Booth setup, Decks focus, Mixer focus, Cross Fader, Headphones.

Learn to Mix – Understanding phase and BPM, Learn to count, Track structure and how to read it, Phase alignment, Learn to beat match, Mix with volume, Mix with EQ (Low, Mid, High)

Advanced Mix Techniques – Filters, Fx and Delays / Reverb, Loops, Hot Cues, How to save a mix, Mix in Key, Play more music styles together, Build the DJ set flow, Where to source your tracks, Build your record box

Building a DJ Set – Set structure depending on the slot, Club-Festival mix vs radio mix, Intro handling, Type of tracks and role into a record bag, Read the crowd, Back To Back, Body Language

Our Teachers’ DJ setups – Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, TSHA and Adam Beyer

Multicam HD DJ Sets from our teachers – Dj Sets from Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, TSHA and Adam Beyer.

Network, DJ Etiquette and the Industry – DJ etiquette tips, How to build a DJ career, Travel, work-life balance, ear fatiguing, The importance of social media, 3-5 year planning, Management and booking agency, DJ as a music maker.

Final Exam and the Access to the Talent Pool – Pete Tong final remarks, Exam, Access to the Talent Pool.

An interesting feature of the Pete Tong DJ Academy is that once you’ve completes the online dj course you will be added to the talent pool where they select the best students to play at affiliated radio shows and partner clubs.

You can find out more about Pete Tong’s DJ course by clicking the link below.

Best DJ courses Online

7. Crossfader

View at Crossfader.com

Founded in 2014, Crossfader is a leading UK-based online DJ school and community run by DJ Jamie Hartley. Crossfader offers hardware- and software-specific courses that suit experienced and bedroom DJs.

Trusted worldwide with over 1 million subscribers across social media, their DJ gear reviews on Youtube have seen over 50 million views since the channel was first launched in 2014. The channel prides itself on being the first to review the latest DJ products, which has led to Crossfader being certified by Serato DJ, Beatport and Beatsource and also recommended by Pioneer DJ. They’ve also established partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers such as Denon DJ, RANE and Numark allowing them to create cutting edge content using the latest DJ technology. If you’ve just bought a DJ controller and are wondering where to start, this is the place.

There are currently 23 courses available, ranging from courses on different DJ Hardware such as CDJ/ XDJs & Denon, DJ controllers, DJ software such as Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox and a virtual DJ course. They also feature a genre-specific Hip Hop DJ mixing course, techno mixing DJ course and a House mixing DJ course. You can also learn more about developing your DJ career and breaking into the DJ world with a course on ‘How to get DJ gigs’.

The Complete DJ course contains all their courses, with lifetime access for one fee. The Complete courses also include any future courses that are added to the Crossfader site and 50+ hours of bonus material, including:

  • Serato Stems Crash Course
  • Video Editing For DJs – Make Pro Content
  • Serato Studio Course – Making Edits & Remixes
  • Advanced genre-specific bonus content
  • Acapella Mixing Techniques Bonus Course
  • Mix Like Your Favourite DJ’s Masterclass
  • Key Mixing Masterclass
  • Mixing For Social Media – The Short Form Blueprint
  • Over 12 hours of step by step mix breakdowns
  • Mastering Wordplay Bonus Course
  • How To Level Up Your Career Action Plan
  • Zoom Masterclass Series
  • Midi Mapping Like A Pro!
  • Music Management 101!
  • Quick Wins for Hip Hop DJs
  • Creative Sample Based Mixing Course

Crossfader also provides downloadable action plans that guide you step-by-step, to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your DJ goals. With this approach, Crossfader has taught over 18000 students worldwide to DJ.

Another benefit of Crossfader DJ School is the community and that they showcase the best content from students on their social media platforms, which can reach an audience of over 1 million people worldwide. As part of the DJ programs, students will also have access to exclusive resources and contacts, giving them the opportunity to take their careers to the next level.

Masterclass Questlove Best online DJ Courses

8. MasterClass – Questlove Teaches Music Curation and DJing

View on Masterclass

3hrs 23 mins
13 video lessons

Although it’s not a DJ School, Masterclass is another online platform that offers one-off courses from industry professionals. Although Questlove’s course is not as in-depth as the other DJ Schools on this list, it is well worth checking out as a complimentary short course.

Questlove’s course is a shorter DJ course, totaling 3 hours and 23 minutes. Over the 13 video lessons, Questlove will teach you DJ techniques, how to set up your DJ equipment, the fundamental skills of DJing, how to glide from genre to genre, advanced DJ Techniques, and how to expand your musical vocabulary.

For Hi-hop DJs this course will be of particular interest as Questlove covers genres including hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz, R&B, and more.

If you are interested in Music Production, Deadmau5, Timbaland and the Armin Van Buuren courses are also worth looking at. Masterclass subscription is currently £/$10 a month (billed annually) to access all courses.

9. Armin Van Buuren Teaches Dance Music

View on Masterclass

6hrs 50 mins
33 lessons

Armin Van Buren has made his name as an international trance DJ, becoming one of the most influential figures in EDM worldwide. He’s a DJ, music producer, and radio host with decades of experience in DJing and producing music.

The Masterclass video lessons are aimed a little more towards producing music, with some lessons dedicated to DJing. Over the 33 lessons, Armin shows you how he builds a track from scratch, how he produces, performs, and promotes his dance music.

You’ll gain an insight into his technical process for mixing, recording vocals, using samples and plug-ins, and how to DJ a set. Although music production-based, there are parts of the course that are of interest to DJs:

“Singles, Club mixes and edits” section of the course shows you how to make your own re-edits, mashups and club mixes of well-known tracks. Armin shows you his approach to turning pop songs into dancefloor-ready bangers.

The “Approaching your DJ set” lessons help you to take these tracks to the stage and highlight the core principles of Armin’s DJ philosophy.

“Building your set: Edits & Mashups” is dedicated to how Armin uses Ableton Live to mashup his tracks and play fresh material for the crowd.

DJs will also benefit from the sections where Armin explains how he uses the CDJs and other DJ gear. Providing performance tips and mixing techniques.

This course is a great chance to learn from a master of his craft. Whether you are a fan of Armin’s music or not, there’s something to be learned. At the monthly subscription price of £10 it offers amazing value, especially when you consider that you can watch unlimited courses for that subscription fee! So cue up the Questlove, Timbaland and Deadmau5 courses too!

best Dj Courses online

10. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform offering online courses focussing on creativity. Skillshare differs from platforms such as Coursera & Udemy in that you pay one membership fee and then get unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s 35,000+ classes. This means for a one year payment you can enrol on over 20+ DJ classes and also research other music production topics too – which is excellent value for money. You can try a 30 day free trial here or get 30% off your Annual Subscription.

There are a number of DJ & music production courses that are of interest to both aspiring DJs and electronic music producers. Skillshare does offer a free trial for a month – enough time for you to watch a few courses and see if staying with the platform is for you. This is an excellent option for the beginner DJ who is starting out to get a free introduction to the DJ world.

Of particular interest are:

The Complete DJ Livestreaming Course
Young Guru – DJing Live From Setup to Soundcheck
The Complete DJ Course For Beginners
The Interactive Wedding DJ & MC Course
How To DJ 101
Advanced DJ Mixing
Creative Guide to DJ: From Start To Finish

Get 30% off Skillshare

Also To Consider


Udemy & Coursera are both an online learning platform where you pay for each course you take. They are not as comprehensive as the DJ schools featured on the list – but may be a cheaper option for some.

You could try this cheaper DJ course for beginners:
Udemy – The Complete DJ Course For Beginners 2023 | 2 Be A DJ

Coursera doesn’t have a DJ course but some may find the electronic music production, Ableton Live & electronic music courses of interest. Click on the course links for more information:

Berklee College Of Music – Music Production
Berklee College Of Music – Electronic Music Performance Techniques
Berklee College Of Music – Introduction to Ableton Live

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What is the best online DJ course?

DJ Courses Online – Offer the best value DJ courses online at $19 a month subscription

Pointblank Music SchoolBest DJ courses online and in person. Also, offer music production courses.

Pete Tong DJ Academy – Best DJ courses online with input from DJ professionals.

Club Ready DJ – Best DJ courses online focussed on getting you club ready within 4 weeks.

Digital DJ Tips – Wide range of DJ courses online with over 25+ courses for you to choose from.

Crossfader – Great DJ courses for new and hobby DJs – especially good DJ Hardware & DJ Software Courses.

Are DJ Courses Worth The Cost?

Yes, investing in your education and improving your DJ skills is very rewarding. You don’t have to spend £/$100s to learn how to DJ; DJ Courses Online offer unlimited access to all their video lessons for a $19 monthly subscription. I think that’s one of the best value courses on offer and well worth the cost. Other online courses vary in price.

As well as learning how to DJ being a lot of fun, after learning you can get paid gigs to re-coup course costs. It’s worth considering that the average wedding DJ in the UK gets £300 – £1400 a gig. An Average US radio DJ gets $41,000 per annum and you can also get paid to play at bars, clubs and festivals. The best DJ courses teach you to how to find gigs by focussing on the career aspect of DJing as well as the technical skills

Can You Learn to DJ Online?

Yes, you can learn to DJ online. Many schools for DJing offer online courses that teach you how to DJ via online video courses. You often have access to hours of content to learn from, 1 to 1 feedback and a DJ community to engage and learn with.

How Quickly Can You Learn to DJ? How long does a DJ course take?

Club Ready DJ courses offer a 4 week course that will get you ready to play in a club by the end of the course. It often takes a few days to absorb the basic DJ skills and a few weeks to absorb more technical methods. Everyone learns at their own pace, and there is no rush. Often a DJ’s skill level will be improved and developed over a lifetime.

What Software Do Most DJs Use?

If not using Vinyl, most DJs use CDJs to play music and use Pioneer Rekordbox to organise their collection. Other software that can be used for DJing includes, Serrato, Native Instruments Traktor DJ and Ableton Live.

What are the best DJ courses for beginners?

The best DJ course for beginners is DJ courses online‘s monthly subscription. At $19 a month you get access to all the video courses, can go at your own pace and can cancel anytime. Great if you are just starting out, or are on a budget. If you are interested in the most comprehensive course, then you should check out Point Blank Music School; they’ve been awarded the best DJ School by DJ Mag. They have many different DJ courses available of varying lengths for both beginners and advanced DJs. Voted as the best DJ course, you are bound to up your skill level at Point Blank Music School.

Where can I learn to DJ online?

There are a number of DJing online courses to choose from. The article above covers the best online courses in detail. If you want a quick answer, you can learn to DJ online at Point Blank Music School, Digital DJ Tips, Club Ready DJ School, Pete Tong DJ Academy or DJ Courses Online. Other courses are available on Skillshare, Coursera and Udemy.

Can you learn to DJ in 3 months?

Yeah! If you are willing to put in the work and practice, you can. ClubreadyDJSchool aims to get beginner DJs ready to play in a club within 4 weeks! It’s definitely possible. Make sure you get good instruction on how to DJ so that you are not learning bad habits… then practice, practice, practice!

Where can I study to become a DJ?

There are many DJ Schools around the world that will teach you the skills you need to be a DJ. If you want to learn in person, search for DJ education in your local area.

If you live in London, LA or Mumbai you are in luck as Point Blank Music School has campuses in these cities and offers in-person DJ classes.

If you can’t find DJ classes locally, then you can always learn to DJ online with an online course. The list above recommends the best online DJ classes for you to try out.

How much is a DJ course?

DJ courses vary in price. Here’s a breakdown of the cost of the top DJ courses in this article.

Point Blank Music School – Range from £775 for a 3-month course to £1,295 for a 6-month course. Longer degree programs are also available which cost more.

Club Ready DJ – The cheapest mini courses are $55 (Introduction to Stems). The 1st DJing Course is $295. Purchasing all their DJ courses is $1295. They also offer a free introductory course.

DJ Courses Online – $19 a month / monthly membership.

Pete Tong DJ Academy – $449, which can be split over monthly payments.

Crossfader – Individual courses from £60 to £115. Their Complete DJ Course is £399

SkillShare – £14 a month or £79 per annum. Skillshare also offers a 30-day free trial.

Masterclass – £10 a month (billed annually).

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