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8 of the Best Online Ableton Live Courses

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If you want to learn Ableton Live you might be considering spending some of your hard-earned cash on some Ableton Live lessons. Yes, you can watch Ableton tutorials on Youtube, but nothing compares to learning music production in a dedicated class with a course framework and the ability to get feedback.

Your ability to learn electronic music production will be a great deal faster if you have an expert Ableton certified trainer teaching you how to use Ableton live. They’ll guide you through the basics of what you need to know, keeping you on track during the learning process to help you maximise your study time.

The list below shows you some Ableton Live courses to consider, for beginners learning Ableton Live to more advanced masterclasses on music production techniques. You can learn the basics with these courses, or dedicate time to improving your music production skills in specific genres. All the online Ableton courses listed are led by accomplished producers who have a strong background in electronic music production and live performance.

Summary of Best Ableton Courses Online

Point Blank Music School is a highly regarded music production school that provides its students with an exceptional educational experience. They were voted ‘best music production school’ twice, by What Uni & DJ Mag readers in 2023. Their comprehensive 6-month online Ableton Live course, Ableton Live In Depth is taught by Ableton certified trainers, provides project feedback and 1-2-1 sessions, definitely one of the best Ableton Live courses available. 
Berklee College of Music is another well-established music production school. You can learn Ableton online via their 13-hour course Introduction to Ableton Live on the Coursera platform. Not as comprehensive as Point Blank’s Ableton course but offers a great introduction to Ableton for beginners.

ProducerTech offers a range of Ableton courses including a Beginner’s Guide to Ableton. They also have advanced masterclasses and Ableton Live courses on specific genres and techniques. One of the best ways to learn Ableton live & music production if you are on a budget.

Production Music Live’s Beginners Course: Ableton Live 11 teaches you how to use Ableton by making a track from start to finish.

Udemy’s Ableton Live Beginner Tutorial provides another great Ableton for beginners course. The Ableton live course covers all the basics over 22hrs. Unfortunately, there is no feedback provided during your education, but the course is sometimes on offer and provides great value.

343 Labs is another school that provides a range of online courses for students to learn music production online. Founded and run by electronic music producers, this school is heavily focused on electronic music production. They offer a few online Ableton live electronic music production courses that are perfect for techno fans. To get started try Ableton Live: Produce your first Track.

KMG Life offer a 6-month online Ableton class called the Ableton Music Production Program which teaches you everything you need to know about Ableton Live and audio production.

Certified Ableton trainer Brian Funk shows you how to perform live with Ableton in his short video course Live Performance with Ableton Live. Ideal course for those who are already familiar with Ableton but now want to play their own music live. Brian also runs an online music production club which covers lots of Ableton topics, membership starts at $2 a month! Great Value.

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Point Blank Music School Logo


Point Blank Music SchoolAbleton Live In Depth

6 months

Point Blank is a global music school, with sites in London, Mumbai, Ibiza, Los Angeles and… online. They offer a massive selection of high-quality music production courses, taught by industry professionals and accomplished producers. They’ve been helping students learn music production for over 30 years, recently being voted by What Uni as ‘the best music school’ in 2023 and by DJ mag readers as the ‘Best Music Production & DJ School’. Point Blank In was also recognised in 2023 by the Office for Students, they attained TEF Gold (Teaching Excellence Framework), the only music production school in the UK to earn the award.

They’ve got impressive alumni including Patrick Topping, Claude VonStroke, Nicole Moudaber and Pete Tong and industry heavyweights that offer masterclasses during your education. You can enrol to do their Ableton Course online or enrol in similar courses in person at one of their campuses.

Their highly practical Ableton Live course will take you from a beginner to a pro in just 6 months. You’ll learn how to program and record tracks using midi, effects, arrangement, synthesis, and sampling as well as learn how to mix your sounds using EQ and compression.

Point Blank ensures that all their staff have a link to the music industry so you’ll be taught by some of the industry’s leading professionals. The school also has Ableton Certified trainers so you know you are getting a solid, accurate education. To get the most out of your online learning you’ll also have access to a purpose-built Virtual Learning Environment.

The Ableton live course is broken up into two modules: Music Production Ableton & Creative Audio.

Music Production Ableton

3 months

The Music Production module will develop your understanding of modern music production. You’ll get taught technical production skills within Ableton Live that will help you convert your musical ideas into tracks. You’ll cover the following music technology topics.

  • The Production Process
  • Ableton Live Overview
  • Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony Production
  • Drum Programming
  • MIDI and Audio Processing Techniques
  • Warping
  • Introduction to Synthesis and Sampling
  • Pre-Production and File Management Techniques
  • Track Arrangement & Automation
  • Mixing & Exporting
  • MIDI Controllers and MIDI Mapping

The module also gives you the opportunity to conceive and execute a production project, where you get to apply all the creative and technical skills you’ve learnt.

Point Blank Music School Banner. Photo of 3 students at a mixing console. Text REads "Voted best Music Production School, Click for courses"

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Creative Audio

3 months

In the second module, you start to develop your own sound by developing your sonic palette. This is a really important stage in a music producer’s artistic development as it enables you to become a more expressive and creative producer.

The module builds upon the core production and composition skills learnt in the first module. These skills enable you to explore how Ableton’s tools can be used creatively for your own productions.

This is a great philosophy as it helps teach you to think of the DAW as a powerful sound design tool that can give your productions your own unique style. Through practice, you will develop your critical and analytical listening skills and be able to hear how a sound has been processed. You will cover the following in the course:

  • Digital audio fundamentals
  • Found sounds, field recording and audio preparation
  • Sampling fundamentals
  • Sampling in a musical context
  • Multisampling/instrument creation
  • Synthesising samples
  • Recording and editing vocals
  • Creative use of audio effects
  • Resampling

Point Blank offers access to a range of Online Learning features to help with studying Ableton online. Including 1-2-1 sessions so that you can speak to your lecturers and share your projects, allowing for feedback, advice and guidance on specific areas of your assignments

Students at Point Blank also are eligible for discounts on the following brands:

  • 50% off Ableton Live
  • 50% off NI Komplete
  • Discount on Pioneer DJ equipment
  • 70% off Eventide plugins
  • 40% off Serato DJ
  • 35% off selected Waves bundles
  • Over 50% off Roland Cloud Ultimate

Overall, Point Blank’s Ableton Live course is one of the best Ableton Live courses available. Highly recommend to anyone keen to improve their DAW knowledge and learn music production skills.

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Berklee College of Music logo

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music is a highly regarded music institution, based in the States. Normally students would enrol in person to study music or to complete music production degree programs. As distance learning becomes more popular, you can now do some of their courses online via the Coursera platform. They offer a lot of comprehensive music production courses and music business courses on the Coursera site if you’re interested in diving a little deeper into your music business and production studies. One of the courses that I’ve picked out is the Introduction to Ableton Live course.

Berklee Introduction to Ableton Live Course Online Image

Berklee College of MusicIntroduction to Ableton Live

via coursera.com

The Ableton course is comprised of 4 modules, which take about 13 hours to complete, though you are able to learn at your own pace. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid grasp of Audio Recording, Recording and editing audio, including working with preexisting, audio files and loops, programming MIDI drums and instruments, creating a piece of music and the exciting skill of File Management.

You also get a certificate upon completion.

Other Berklee College of Music courses that may be of interest:

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Producer Tech Logo

Producer Tech – Ableton Live Courses

via pluginboutique.com

Producer Tech offers video tutorials on a range of electronic music production topics, they were also featured in my best mixing and mastering courses. Producertech’s extensive library of electronic music production courses and tutorials are all delivered by world-class producers professional artists and Ableton-certified tutor, Rob Jones.

The beauty of ProducerTech is that they offer a range of Ableton Live courses, from a beginner’s guide to Ableton Live, advanced masterclasses and courses on specific genres and techniques. The prices are reasonable too, ranging from £12.95 upwards.

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The range of topics covered will suit beginners and advanced users of Ableton Live who are looking to improve their knowledge of specific electronic music production techniques or genre-specific production.

Producer Tech also offers a subscription model, so you can instant access to the entire library for a monthly fee. Or try their 14-day free trial. This is great value and a great option for those on a tighter budget.

Via the Plugin Boutique platform

Udemy Logo


UdemyAbleton Live Beginner Tutorial by Tomas George

Udemy is a great place to find music production courses, there’s a good amount of quality content on there, at reasonable prices too. Keep your eyes peeled for the Udemy sales, they sometimes knock as much as 75% off a video, meaning you might pick this course up for £12.99. Which is exceptional value.

At the time of writing, this course has been completed by over 22,000 students and maintained an impressive 4.7 rating stars. Safe to say this course has been well received. The course provides a solid beginner lesson for Ableton Live as well as outlining some general electronic music production skills. It’ll give you a great start towards making your first track with Ableton live and start your path to becoming an electronic music producer. 

The Ableton course covers:

  • Setup and Navigate Around Ableton Live
  • Learn how to Record MIDI
  • Learn to Record Audio
  • Learn how Edit MIDI in the MIDI Note Editor
  • Setup your Audio Interface and MIDI Controller
  • Learn how to Warp and Edit Audio
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes other Ableton Live users make
  • Learn how to Work Quickly and Efficiently in Ableton Live 11
  • Improve your general Music Production skills
  • Build a Track from Nothing
  • Learn Music Theory and Songwriting Essentials in Ableton Live 11
  • Understand the main Audio and MIDI Effects in Live 11

A solid Ableton Live intro at a great price.

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production music live Logo

Production Music LiveBeginners Course: Ableton Live 11

(Making A Track From Start To Finish)


Production Music Live Ableton Courses Product Image

Production Music Live is another great site for learning electronic music production, they’ve got courses on a range of production topics including 23 Ableton Live Courses. The courses range from genre-specific production techniques to the course I’ve picked out; an Ableton Live beginner’s course that walks you through making your first track. 

The Ableton Live Beginner course focuses on replicating this track step by step (so make sure you like the track before signing up!).

The course will show the basics of writing and producing, all explained in detail as you go through the stages of the production. You get 30+ Studio sessions with music producer Francois / PML, over4h+ online video sessions with lifetime access and an Ableton Live Project File for the course (using Ableton Live 11 Suite, no plugins needed, with all the samples included as well).

The Ableton Live Course covers:

  • Setup & Introduction to Ableton live
  • Writing & Producing – The Basics
  • Producing the Drums
  • Putting it together in the Arrangement view
  • Mixing – Mix Preparation
  • Finalizing – Mastering
  • Final Thoughts
  • 2 x Free Bonus Video tutorials

If you are interested in other Ableton Live courses, Production Music Live have a range of techno and house Ableton Live courses too. You can also learn music production with them.

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343 Labs Logo

343 Labs


343 Labs is another Abelton Certified training centre based in the US, with a site also in Berlin and Ableton Live courses available online. 343 Labs is a go-to destination to learn how to make electronic music, the music production school offers a range of courses from mixing and mastering, sound design to making techno.

They offer three Ableton courses; Ableton Live: Produce your first TrackAbleton Live: Create your own Sound and Ableton Immersive.

Each course is taken virtually with your instructor via video conferencing, so although you are taking an online course, it’s still fully interactive, you can ask questions just as you would in an in-person class. Rather than watching static video lessons you get to engage and pursue feedback when required, this is a much better model for learning music production. All live classes are recorded, so if you miss one, or wish to review content then you can.

Photo of seven students in the 343 Labs studio attending an Ableton class. Laptops and midi keyboards surround them.

Ableton Live: Produce your first Track

Excellent choice for an Ableton beginner to learn the fundamentals of the DAW

  • Overview and Understanding Ableton 
  • Drum programming
  • Session and Arrangement view
  • Audio and MIDI editing
  • Intro to Music Theory
  • Melodies, Chords and Basslines
  • Audio and MIDI Effects
  • Automation
  • Song Arrangement
  • Audio recording & Sampling
  • Warping
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Demo Master & Exporting your track

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Ableton Live: Create your own sound

Once you have a little more experience with music production & Ableton this course is a good choice. Rather than focusing on learning the basics of Ableton Live, you are learning how to use Ableton to craft and develop your own aesthetic and production style.

  • Designing sounds with Live’s Analog, Operator and Wavetable
  • Physical modelling instruments
  • Advanced sampling and re-sampling
  • Advanced instrument racks
  • Advanced effect racks
  • Advanced automation techniques
  • Incorporating hardware instruments into performing live
Point Blank Music School Banner. Photo of 3 students at a mixing console. Text REads "Voted best Music Production School, Click for courses"

Ableton Immersive

343 Labs offer a fully immersive Ableton Live 4-week program. The immersive course teaches you how to produce the music you love to listen to and to finish at least two original songs by the end of the 4-week course.

  • Overview and Understanding Ableton
  • Drum Programming
  • Note & Clip Editing
  • Melodic Instruments
  • Audio and MIDI Effects
  • Automation
  • Song Arrangement
  • Audio recording & Sampling
  • Chords, Harmony and Baselines,
  • Warping
  • Basic Mixing & Mastering Techniques
  • Partnered with some big names, Arturia, Abelton, Izotope and Beatport

I’m a big fan of one of their Ableton live tutors, John Selway. The guy’s an electronic music/ techno legend. If you’re interested in making techno check out John Selway’s Techno Saturday Youtube series. He provides a lot of great electronic music production tips 😉

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KMG life Logo

KMG Life


Initially established as a music production and artist growth studio, KMG Life subsequently evolved into the KMG Academy in 2015. Based in Boulder, Colorado, KMG now stands as a premier platform for Ableton Live courses. They’re one of 21 Ableton Certified Training centres in the US, offering both in-person lessons and Abelton courses online.

KMG Life offers a 6-month Ableton class called the ‘Ableton Music Production’ (AMP) Program which is designed to teach students with no experience of Ableton, or Music Production, everything they need to know about Ableton Live and audio production. The beauty is, you can do this course online.

The Virtual Program covers a wide range of topics from streamlining workflow and mastering production, to mixing, and live performance techniques. Through the course, KMG aims to provide you with a complete understanding and expertise in Ableton Live.

The Abelton course is split into 6 phases:

PHASE 1: Basic Ableton Live Workflow
PHASE 2: Songwriting & Arrangement
PHASE 3: Intro to Synthesis/Sound Design
PHASE 4: Advanced Synthesis/Sound Design
PHASE 5: Mixing & Mastering
PHASE 6: DJ & Live Performance

Throughout the course, students will also learn how to integrate the Ableton Push into their creative process.

Enrollment is bi-monthly

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Brian Funk Ableton Performance Course Image. Blurred visuals of someone using a Akai Midi controller.

Live Performance in Ableton Live
Video Course by Brian Funk

via gumroad.com

If you’re already familiar with Ableton Live but are wondering how to use it to perform live – this neat little course is for you. Ableton certified trainer Brian Funk guides you through the process of performing your own music with Ableton. As a certified trainer Brian has a great pedigree of Ableton knowledge, that he’s been sharing with the community for years. Check out his podcast and website which feature loads of great free Ableton live packs and useful Ableton knowledge. He also has a music production club aimed at aspiring electronic music producers using Ableton Live. Membership starts from $2 – $6 a month, which gives you access to an Ableton certified trainer, a supportive music community and:

  • Ableton Live Materials – Packs, Templates, Devices
  • Samples Collection
  • Educational Materials – Video Courses, eBook, PDFs
  • Interactive Live Classes with Ableton Certified Trainer, Brian Funk.
  • Online Community and Musical Challenges.
  • Exclusive Downloads, Discounts, and Special Offers from some of Brian’s favorite companies.

I think this is amazing value!

View Music Production Club

Download Brian’s Ableton Live Pack Archive here

Brian Funk Ableton Performance Course Image

The Live Performance in Ableton Live is the course Brian wished had existed when he started using Ableton Live. He’s complimented the 2.5-hour course with a Live Performance Ableton Live Template and 10 useful Audio and MIDI Effect racks that are used in the videos.
He’ll teach you how to integrate prerecorded clips, live instruments, live vocals, external effects and instruments, and into your performance and how to do live looping on stage.
Brian makes some of the best Ableton Live content, definitely check out his website.

His online courses are available via Gumroad.


Is Ableton Live easy to learn? How long does it take to learn Ableton Live?

Yes, Ableton Live is easy to learn. I think you’ll be able to learn Ableton Live in about 6-12 weeks, in this time you’ll get the basics down and be able to navigate the DAW and finish a track. You can then build on that foundation and add more advanced topics – this can take years.

However, it’s different for everyone and depends on how much time you want to put into your study. I think of it as you are learning an instrument, it’s going to take time, and your first music is probably going to sound rubbish… AND THAT’S OK!
It takes time to be able to write good music, regardless of the digital audio workstation you use. Allow yourself to make bad music and keep going. Learning Ableton Live & learning music production are two separate topics – you can learn the basics of Ableton, but it may take a lifetime to hone & refine your own music production skills. This is exciting, as you are always able to develop, improve and find more to learn about electronic music production.

If you are in a particular hurry to learn Ableton live – then consider a beginner course that focuses on finishing a track within the course. This will help teach you the complete process of music production as well as an introduction to the DAW.

What is the best Ableton Live course?

Point Blank Music School Ableton Live In Depth – Best Ableton Live Course. Exceptional educational experience provided by one of the best music production schools.

Berklee College of Music Introduction to Ableton Live – Best Introduction to Ableton Live for beginners.

ProducerTech Beginner’s Guide to Ableton – Best online Ableton Live course for value. Check out the subscription model to get access to reasonably priced Ableton live courses.

Production Music Live’s Beginners Course: Ableton Live 11 – Best Ableton course for making a track from start to finish

Udemy’s Ableton Live Beginner Tutorial – Great introduction to Ableton Live – Great Value when on offer.

343 Labs Ableton Live: Produce your first Track – One of the best Ableton educations for techno lovers

KMG Life Ableton Music Production Program – Solid option for learning Ableton live over a 6-month period.

Brian Funk’s Music Production Club for monthly Ableton content and community. Brian’s Live Performance in Ableton Live course for those who want to play their own music live.

What equipment do you need for Ableton Live?

To make music with Ableton Live you’re going to need a computer or laptop that can handle the DAW. Have a look at the minimum computer requirements for Ableton Live are. 

To hear the music you make, you’ll also need a quality pair of headphones or an audio interface and monitors. As you become more advanced, you could consider purchasing a keyboard or adding a MIDI controller for Ableton Live.

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Where can I learn Ableton?

You can learn Ableton Live online via dedicated online courses, the odd Youtube video, or in person at a dedicated Ableton Certified Training Centre. To ensure you get a quality Ableton education, look for courses that are run by Ableton certified training centres or Ableton certified trainers.

Is Ableton good for beginners?

Yes, Ableton Live is a great DAW for beginners; it’s intuitive, powerful and an exceedingly popular choice for making electronic music. It’s got the capability to produce professional-quality music, perform electronic music live and also be used for DJing. For many music creators and producers just starting out, Ableton Live can be an excellent introduction to the world of digital audio workstations (DAWs).
The program also benefits from a wide range of tutorials and online resources for beginners to help get up-to-speed quickly. Check out the course above to get you started.

How to Choose an Ableton Course?

When it comes to choosing an Ableton Live course, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, make sure that the course is taught by experienced and Ableton certified instructors. Point Blank, 343 Labs & KMG Life are Ableton Certified Training centres, so you can rest assured that their instructors are well-versed in all aspects of Ableton Live, audio engineering and music production. Brian Funk is an Ableton certified trainer, so you know all the content in his music production club and Ableton live performane course is legit.

You should also consider the duration of the program and how deep it will delve into each topic. Doing an Ableton Live video course on Udemy is a good start, but you may want time to go deeper into topics and really explore them. You may benefit from feedback and 1-2-1 sessions to really master a topic. Point Blank, 343 Labs and KMG Life all offer this facility.
By giving yourself months to learn Ableton Live, you can dedicate time for each phase of learning, this allows you to cover a lot of ground practising whilst honing your skills and techniques.

Finally, make sure the course you choose is tailored to your learning style. Point Blank, 343 Labs & KMG Life’s Ableton Live Virtual Program all offer both online video classes as well as one-on-one mentorship sessions. If you truly take your learning seriously, invest in a course that provides feedback; feedback from an Ableton certified trainer is really valuable and will help you avoid mistakes and get the most out of your practice sessions.