A person wearing a white shirt is mixing music using a Pioneer DJ controller. Right hand on one of the jog wheels, left hand adjusting a knob, they navigate through various buttons, knobs, and sliders. All this sophisticated equipment is housed in a sleek metal case.

The Best DJ Classes Los Angeles

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Here’s a list of DJ Schools where you’ll find quality DJ classes in Los Angeles. All of the DJ Schools offer classes in person, some of the DJ Schools also offer their DJ courses online. All the DJ schools listed are suitable for both beginner DJs and experienced DJs who want to up their game. So, if you want to learn how to DJ check out the following DJ Schools:

  1. Point Blank Music School
  2. Garnish Music Production School
  3. Scratch DJ Academy
  4. DJ Classes Los Angeles

Full reviews of courses are below.

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The logo for Point Blank Music School includes a circular emblem containing the lowercase letters "pb." Next to the emblem, "POINT BLANK" is prominently displayed in bold uppercase letters. Beneath this, in smaller uppercase text, it states "MUSIC SCHOOL.


Point Blank Music School LA

You can’t go wrong with Point Blank Music School – they have been voted ‘Best DJ School’ by DJ mag readers & ‘Best Music School’ by the WhatUni awards in 2023. Point Blank is a global name in the music industry, with campuses in Ibiza, London, China, Mumbai and Los Angeles. The LA campus offers an impressive selection of DJ programs that range in duration from a few months up to a year.

You’ll learn to play live in their state-of-the-art Pioneer-sponsored DJ studios using Pioneer DJ gear including CDJ-3000 Nexus, DJM-V10 mixers, XDJ-XZ controllers, turntables, effects units, and more.

A lively DJ set features several DJs and a female performer, surrounded by music equipment in a dimly lit room with purple lights. A large screen in the background displays the Point Blank logo. The room is decorated with images of DJs and music-themed visuals.

Their DJ programs include training sessions with instructors outside of class as well as “Open Lab Time” to hone your DJ skills.

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The DJ courses are held at Point Blank’s state-of-the-art campus in Miracle Mile. Here you’ll experience hands-on learning with the latest Pioneer gear, including the CDJ-3000, DJM-V10, CDJ-2000NXS, XDJ-XZ, and RMX-1000. Point Blank was recently offering a complimentary copy of Pioneer Rekordbox valued at $149 upon enrollment. You’ll also get access to exclusive masterclasses with renowned artists like Daddy Kev (Low End Theory), Mark de Clive-Lowe, Laura Escude (Jay Z, Kanye West) and Jimmy Mac (Lorde).

This is a bonus and provides you with a viable connection to the music industry through their free masterclasses, events, and networking opportunities.

Here are their DJ classes in Los Angeles:

Essential DJ Skills – 3 months, 1 course, 1 day per week

Essential DJ Skills is a 3 month DJ course that will give you the basic DJ techniques you need to help kickstart your DJing career. Beginner students can learn crucial modern DJ techniques such as cueing, analogue and digital DJing, EQ, beatmatching, drop mixing, back-to-back mixing, Rekordbox, and more.

Your DJ instructors DJs DJ Morse Code (voted “Best DJ in America” by the Sun Times) and Dela Moon (Moontribe Crew, Electric Daisy Carnival, and more) provide a solid college-level course that guarantees a first-class introduction to DJing.

DJ Lessons cover the following:

  • Equipment Overview
  • Cueing
  • Drop Mixing
  • Analog Turntables
  • Transforming
  • Back to Back Mixing
  • Rekordbox (Export Mode)
  • Music File Formats
  • Beat Matching
  • Equalization
  • Programming Mixes
  • Recording a Mix

This course offers flexible daytime, evening, and weekend class scheduling options.

Creative DJ Skills – 3 months, 1 course, 1 day per week

The Creative DJ Skills course is all about discovering your unique DJ style. Join this program to delve into various aspects like audio effects, loops, beat juggling, harmonic mixing, acapella mixing, basic scratching techniques, DJ hardware in live settings, and more. Led by renowned DJs including DJ Morse Code and Dela Moon, this college-level course offers an unparalleled learning experience.

DJ Lessons cover the following:

  • Harmonic Mixing
  • Looping
  • Hot Cues
  • Finger Drumming
  • Creative Use of Effects
  • External Effect Units
  • Acapella Mixing
  • Digital DJ Tricks
  • Basic Scratching Techniques
  • Beat Juggling
  • Creating DJ Drops/Idents
  • Producing a Radio Mix

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Photo of the entrance of Point Blank Music School, the building boasts a modern design with dark gray and black paintwork. Large glass doors and windows stand out, framed by palm trees and plants. Above the entrance, the school's name is prominently displayed.

Advanced DJ Skills – 3 months, 1 course, 1 day per week

The Advanced DJ Skills course provides a deeper understanding of the most effective DJ techniques, digital software, and hardware options. You’ll explore advanced techniques such as sampling, scratching, finger drumming, and remixing. You’ll also get valuable insights on promoting your gigs, preparing for live shows, and perfecting your brand as a professional DJ. This course builds upon the foundations established in the Essential DJ Skills and Creative DJ Skills courses.

DJ Lessons cover the following:

  • Rekordbox DJ
  • Sampling & Sequencing
  • Remixing
  • Advanced Scratch Techniques
  • Serato DJ
  • DJ Performance Hardware
  • Video Mixing
  • Finger Drumming Techniques
  • Traktor Pro
  • Promotion Tips
  • Preparing For Live Shows
  • Final Performance

The banner image promotes Point Blank DJ School and features four photos, including a man speaking in front of a screen, DJs working with turntables, students within a mixing studio, and someone adjusting DJ equipment. Text overlay proudly states "POINT BLANK VOTED BEST DJ SCHOOL.

DJ/Producer Award – 6 months, 4 courses, 2 days per week

If you’re looking to produce your own tracks and perform them live, the 6-month DJ/Producer Certificate is the perfect fit for you. This comprehensive DJ program will equip you with a wide range of skills to excel in the DJ circuit. You’ll master your workstation and equipment, showcase your creative DJ abilities on both analog and digital turntables, compose original songs using your preferred DAW (Ableton Live or Logic Pro), and explore the art of mixing. All Point Blank’s instructors are industry professionals who have collaborated with renowned artists like Skrillex and Pharrell, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance throughout your course.

The DJ Course is comprised of four courses: Essential DJ Skills, Music Production (Choose Ableton or Logic), Creative DJ Skills and Art of Mixing

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DJ/Producer Certificate – 3 months, 2 courses, 2 days per week

The 3-month DJ/Producer Award is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to produce your own tracks and perform live sets. Starting with familiarizing yourself with your workstation and equipment, you will then delve into vital DJ techniques such as using analog and digital turntables, beat matching, drop mixing, and recording your mixes. Additionally, you will learn to create your own floor fillers using your preferred DAW (Ableton Live or Logic Pro). Point Blank’s experienced tutors, including Ableton Certified Trainers, professional DJs, and music producers will guide you through track structuring, drum programming, utilizing virtual instruments and effects, flex time and pitch, mixing, and much more.

The DJ/Producer Award is comprised of 2 courses: Essential DJ Skills & Creative DJ Skills.

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A DJ wearing a white shirt with headphones around his neck mixes music at a colorful DJ booth, surrounded by DJ equipment and mixers. Behind him are images of other DJs set against an illuminated backdrop with blue and purple lights. "Point Blank Los Angeles" is prominently displayed on a screen in the background.

Complete DJ Award – 6 months, 2 courses, 1 day per week

Our 6-month Complete DJ Award program is designed to equip you with a comprehensive set of DJ skills for your career. Whether you’re a beginner or want to refresh your essentials, this program provides industry techniques, tips, and tricks that can’t be self-taught. You’ll start by familiarizing yourself with Pioneer equipment and software, then move on to mastering essential and creative DJ skills using analog and digital turntables. Taught by renowned DJs like DJ Morse Code and Dela Moon.

The Complete DJ Award is comprised of 2 courses: Essential DJ Skills & Creative DJ Skills.

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Photo of Point Blank Music School campus, features a modern, single-story structure marked by a large window facade and prominent signage. Encircled by trees and greenery, the building sits under a clear blue sky. Urban elements line the nearby road, adding to the street view's vibrant atmosphere.

Music Production and DJ Performance Certificate – 6 months, 6 courses, 4 days per week

Enrol in Point Blank’s 6-month Music Production & DJ Performance Certificate and you’ll be given the option to do a direct transfer into the second year of their 3-year BA (Hons) degree program at Point Blank’s London School.

This comprehensive program prepares you for various industry roles like a music producer, composer, sound designer, resident/touring, working DJ producer, or A&R/label manager. On this DJ course, you’ll master your preferred DAW (Ableton Live or Logic Pro), and delve into production, composition, essential DJ skills, and sound design. Learning from Point Blank’s accomplished instructors who have collaborated with renowned artists including Pharrell, Skrillex, and Amy Winehouse.

The Music Production and DJ Performance Certificate is comprised of 6 courses: 

Term 1 – Music Production (Ableton or Logic), Music Composition, Essential DJ Skills. 

Term 2 – Sound Design, Production Styles, Music Business.

A modern classroom with brick walls and overhead pipes features several rows of computer stations equipped with large monitors and keyboards, all displaying the "Point Blank" logo. The workspace is well-lit with a blend of natural and artificial light.

Music production & DJ Performance Diploma – 1 Year or 9 months, 12 courses, 3 days per week

If you’re serious about studying DJing, do a deep dive with the 12-month Music Production & DJ Performance Diploma program.

The Music Production & DJ Performance Diploma is a comprehensive 12-month program that will teach you the music production techniques and skills necessary for a wide range of roles in the music industry. Whether you aspire to be a music producer, mixing engineer, sound designer/editor, film or video game composer, artist/performer, resident/touring DJ, A&R/label manager, and more, this course has got you covered.

Taught by industry professionals with extensive experience, you will learn everything from music fundamentals to advanced production techniques, sound design, beat making, DJ performance, mixing and remixing, VJ skills, and live electronic music performance.

The Music Production and DJ Performance Certificate curriculum consists of 12 courses: 

Term 1 – Music Production (Ableton or Logic), Music Composition, Essential DJ Skills. 

Term 2 – Sound Design, Creative DJ Skills, Beat Making

Term 3 – Creative Production and Remix, Production Styles, Advanced DJ Skills.

Term 4 – Art of Mixing, VJ Skills, Electronic Music Performace

The LA school has a host of expert DJ instructors that have demonstrated talent as teachers and as music industry leaders. Between them, they’ve worked with a huge list of legendary artists including Daft Punk, Pharrell, Dr. Dre, Flying Lotus, Skrillex, Amy Winehouse, Moby, The Crystal Method, N.W.A, Smashing Pumpkins, Sting, Snoop Dogg, Depeche Mode, Shaggy, Tori Amos, Swedish House Mafia, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and many, many more. You’ll get access to all this experience and a wealth of music industry knowledge when you sign up for Point Blank’s courses. Highly Recommended

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The logo of Garnish Music Production School prominently features the word "GARNISH" in bold, uppercase letters, enhanced with a creative design that includes horizontal lines and colorful elements within the letters. Positioned below, the phrase "MUSIC PRODUCTION SCHOOL" appears in smaller uppercase letters.

Garnish Music Production School


A worldwide network of boutique music production schools, Garnish Music Production School offers an inclusive and comprehensive DJ program. They provide a collaborative and hands-on learning environment where students can get the most out of their DJing experience. They only offer in-person DJ courses as they believe online DJ classes do not provide the same level of personal attention and feedback that is achieved in their in-person classes.

Their Electronic Music DJ course is perfect for beginners and bedroom DJs who want to learn from an exceptional roster of instructors. With small class sizes of no more than four, you’ll benefit from receiving personalized attention to help you learn faster. Their DJ studio lab is fully equipped with industry-standard equipment, including Pioneer Nexus decks with Rekordbox, just like what you’d find in top-notch venues.

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At Scratch DJ Academy, four people are seen DJing and having fun. Two women are at the turntables, fully engaged in their craft, while the other two cheer them on and watch with excitement. The center of the scene prominently features the Scratch DJ Academy logo, highlighting the energetic atmosphere of this learning environment.

Scratch DJ Academy


Scratch DJ Academy offers both online and in-person DJ classes, ranging from an introductory DJ course to a more comprehensive DJ Certification Program. If you’re looking for a DJ scratch academy in Los Angeles, this is the place. You can access group classes or opt for personalised 1 one 1 learning/

1 on 1

Enhance your DJ skills with Scratch DJ Academy’s personalized one-on-one sessions. Their in-person private lessons cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced DJs. Whether you want to grasp the fundamentals at your own pace or stay up to date with the latest DJ hardware and software, Scratch Academy has got you covered. You can schedule private lessons that suit your availability and tailor them to your learning objectives.


The Intro DJ course is designed to get beginners up and running in no time. It combines Scratch DJ Academy Level 1 and Level 2 mixing courses, covering both basic DJ techniques and intermediate-level mixing and blending skills for live performances. By the end of the course, you’ll showcase your skills with a 10-15 minute set in front of peers and instructors. Upon completion, you’ll have the option to continue with the full part-time program. This DJ class meets twice a week for a total of 6 weeks.

DJ Certification program

The DJ Certification Program is perfect for aspiring DJs who are dedicated to becoming professional DJ Producers. This comprehensive program includes training in various mixing, scratching, and music production techniques.

The curriculum is divided into 8 Levels (details provided below). Students enrolled in the Certification Program attend weekly classes, completing the program in approximately 1 year. With small DJ class sizes, students benefit from a collaborative learning environment. To minimize scheduling conflicts, students maintain the same day and time throughout the certification program students meet at.

  • Level 1 – Intro to DJing Learn the basics
  • Level 2 – Intermediate Mixing
  • Level 3 – Intermediate Scratching
  • Level 4 – Music Production
  • Level 5 – Advanced Mixing
  • Level 6 – Remix – Mastering Performance Mixing
  • Level 7 – The DJ Business
  • Level 8 – Performance Mixing

In a lively club setting with colorful lights, five people pose together. Stylish outfits are donned by the four women, who surround a man in a checked shirt and black cap. Smiles adorn everyone's faces, and one person adds an enthusiastic peace sign to the scene. The background brims with vibrant decorations, enhancing the energetic atmosphere.

DJ Classes Los Angeles


DJ Classes Los Angeles is run by experienced DJ DJ Jnold. With over 15 years of experience he’ll guide and support you in achieving your DJ aspirations. He lives by his two greatest passions: performing and teaching. Unlike other DJ instructors, DJ Jnold imparts knowledge based on real-world experience and is recognized as one of the most accomplished DJs in the open format world. You might have seen the DJ instructor Jnold performing regularly at top-tier clubs in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

DJ Jnold has meticulously crafted each course to ensure you can confidently perform live, whether it’s at your next house party or professionally at a club or festival. He believes that the best way to succeed is through personalized instruction, which is why each student in each course is taught exclusively one-on-one.

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