11 of The Best Synth Plugins

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A collage of various digital audio software interfaces and synthesizers, including virtual keyboards, control panels, and waveforms. The image features a mix of software brands, displaying a range of music production tools and audio editing options.

The quality of synth plugins has greatly evolved over the past two decades, with what feels like endless options to choose from. The marketplace has many exciting new possibilities begging to be added to our music productions and sound design sessions. With such an overwhelming number of choices, settling on a few quality modern synth plugins without putting a large dent in your budget can be hard.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been a professional music producer now for almost two decades, and throughout my time, I have used countless synth VSTs. They’re still my go-to tools for making electronic music.

In this guide, I want to share with you some of my absolute favorite synth plugins on the market today, so you can spend less time sifting through music production forums and more time making music! However, note that these are paid synth plugins. You can find free synth VST plugins here.

Summary of the Best Synth Plugins:

Serum One of the most popular EDM synths. A solid, highly flexible wavetable synth for any music producer.
One of the best virtual analog synth plugins available. Ideal for thick, warm, creamy analog sounds.
Omnisphere 2
Unique sample-based synthesis – ideal for unusual sounds and sample manipulation.
Arturia V Collection 9
The best value synth bundle you can get. Recreations of classic synths. Sounds amazing.
NI Massive X
Native Instruments’ classic Massive synth gets a makeover. Highly characterful and versatile synth.
Kilohearts Phase Plant
Endlessly customizable synth, the best semi-modular synth option. Incredibly powerful, perfect for sound design.
VCV Rack 2 – Modular Synth VST, access the modular synth world at a fraction of the cost. A free version is also available.
Audio Damage Continua – Virtual analog synth with the addition of granular synthesis.
Newfangled Audio Generate – A unique approach to synthesis, including chaotic oscillators and a West Coast ethos, makes this a highly original synth.
Sylenth 1 – A virtual analog synth plugin that sounds exceptional.
Izotope Iris 2 – Sample-based synthesis and mangling from Izotope.

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The Serum synthesizer plugin interface is depicted, featuring diverse controls such as oscillators, filters, envelopes, and LFOs. Various waveform visualizations are visible on the screen alongside an array of knobs and buttons designed for sound manipulation.

1. Serum

View at Splice

System Requirements:macOS 10.10 or later, Windows XP or later (64-bit only)
Plugin Format:VST2, VST3, AU, AAX Native
Best Deal:Rent to Own at Splice
View at Xfer
Pros:Available on Rent to Own.
Built in wavetable editor.
Amazing Modulation Options.
Cons:Available on Rent to Own.
Built-in wavetable editor.
Amazing Modulation Options.

Serum is one of the best synth plugins for EDM producers, and though it’s been on the market for quite some time, it’s still the go-to VST synth for many modern electronic music producers.

Serum creates its signature sound using wavetable synthesis, offering over 144 wavetables and 450 presets, providing endless creative possibilities for sound designers and music producers. You can even import your own wavetables, opening the synth up to greater, more customized flexibility. 

One thing I love about Serum compared to many other soft synths is the drag-and-drop modulation. It’s super easy to take advantage of the many frequency modulation, ring modulation, and amplitude modulation features when creating or manipulating sounds. 

You’ll also find ten built-in effects modules for a bit of added fun.

A promotional image highlights the software tool "Serum" in partnership with Splice, advertising a rent-to-own offer for $9.99 per month. The Serum interface is showcased with synthesizer controls and waveforms, complemented by a blue bubble indicating a free 3-day trial.

The interface might look a bit overwhelming for newbies, though the more you use it, the more you’ll see that it’s one of the most capable soft synths on the market today. Though you won’t find many “vintage” synth presets in the sound engine, the vast array of modern, hard-hitting synth basses and leads justify the purchase alone.

Serum has also built up a thriving third-party preset marketplace, you can find Serum presets for most genres of electronic music. They’re often inexpensive add-ons that will bolster your arsenal. A great benefit of buying presets is that they can help you to reverse-engineer sounds in a genre. If you get hold of a preset pack, you can then see what synth settings are creating the sounds that you like – this is a great way to improve your production and sound design skills.

Serum is available on rent to own via Splice or full price at Xfer Records.

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The interface of the U-He Diva synthesizer software is designed to resemble a vintage analog synthesizer, featuring numerous knobs, buttons, and switches for controlling different parameters such as tuning, mixer, filter, amplifier, and effects.

2. Diva

Super fat analog synth plugin

View at: Plugin Boutique

System RequirementsMac OS X 10.9 or newer (Intel and M1 Mac Supported) (64-bit only), Windows 7 or later (32 & 64 Bit)
Plugin FormatVST, AU, AAX
BEST DEALView at Plugin Boutique
ProsClassic analog sound
Sounds great
Good quality presets
ConsIt can be CPU intensive

Diva is one of the best synth plugins for capturing the quintessential sound of analog synthesizers. 

Whenever I need a virtual analog synthesizer that can recreate classic synth sounds quickly, it’s what I reach for.

Five distinct oscillator models are under the hood, each of which “emulates” a specific iconic hardware synth. You’ll also find a dual LFO setup, a wide range of envelope variations, and five filter models, perfect if you’re one of the many sound designers who like endless tweaking.

Even so, somehow, Diva maintains a user-friendly core philosophy, embodying virtual analog synthesis in its purest form. 

You get the power to meticulously refine your sounds with amp modulation, arpeggiation, gliding effects, and lush 16-voice polyphony. This virtual analog plugin synth also boasts many effects, including reverb and delay, to take your sounds even further.

The true esteem of this plugin compared to other soft synths is that it captures that timeless and almost inexplicable essence of old-school analog synthesizers, all with modern user-friendliness.

It’s become an indispensable part of my synth plugin arsenal, especially when I’m looking for the classic sounds of classic synths.

Plugin Boutique Banner with images of plugins and text. Text reads "Exclusive Plugin Deals, Upto 95% off, see deals"

The design of the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Power Synth box set is characterized by a blue, futuristic aesthetic and prominently displays a large globe-like graphic. In the foreground, a USB drive labeled "Omnisphere 2" appears alongside software interface screenshots in the background.

3. Omnisphere 2

An exceptional virtual instrument, perfect for unique sounds

View at Sweetwater
View at Spectrasonics

System Requirements:macOS 10.10 or later macOS 10.15 Catalina, 11 Big Sur, 12 Monterey, 13 Ventura; Windows 10 or 11 (64 Bit only)
Plugin Format:VST, AU, AAX
Best Deal:View at Sweetwater

View at Spectrasonics
Pros:Granular mode.
Great new presets.
Can now import Audio.
Interesting and unusual source material.
Cons:Granular mode.
Great new presets.
You can now import Audio.
Interesting and unusual source material.

Though Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 is a bit pricey, it’s one of the most comprehensive and versatile VST synthesizers available. It functions as a sample-based synthesizer, giving you access to organic sounds you wouldn’t otherwise get with other soft synths that use analog or wavetable synthesis.

The beauty of Spectrasonics Omnisphere lies in its sophisticated sound engine, which allows you to seamlessly layer and blend multiple sound sources together in every way you could dream up. Each Omnisphere patch can utilize four sound layers, which you can further manipulate using a range of LFOs, envelopes, and waveforms.

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And while that all might be exciting, what’s truly captivating about Omnisphere is its exceptional sound design capabilities. You can import your audio and break it into individual grains for more dynamic modulation. With a total of 57 effects units at your disposal, you can then mangle and transform your custom sounds any way you please. 

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Spectrasonics Omnisphere has solid hardware synth integration, offering tons of predefined mappings for all kinds of hardware synthesizers and MIDI controller units, so you can enjoy a more tactile music-making experience with the actual sliders and knobs on your synth.

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The packaging features a white box with blue accents and showcases abstract geometric artwork prominently in the center. Branded “Arturia V Collection 9” on the front, it also displays the Arturia logo in both the top left and bottom left corners.

4. Arturia V Collection 9

Excellent collection of emulated analog synths

View at Pluginboutique
Rent to own at Splice

System Requirements64-bit only. MacOS 10.13 or later, Windows 8.1 or later
Plugin FormatVST2, VST3, AU, AAX
View at Pluginboutique

View at Splice
ProsExceptional value bundle.
Sounds great!
Rent-to-own option is available.
Buchla Easel sounds fantastic.

With 33 individual analog synth instruments, emulation VSTs, and more than 14,000 presets, each equipped with macro controls, Arturia V Collection 9 is one of the most versatile collections of analog synth VSTs on the market.

It’s a more expensive alternative to Diva, but you’ll find a large collection of beautifully emulated analog synths and keyboards. You get killer sound quality, incredible versatility, and one of the most user-friendly interfaces on this list.

There are so many synthesizer plugins out there that draw inspiration from vintage hardware synthesizers, though the team at Arturia works to faithfully recreate the vintage sounds from the original hardware synths, all while adding modern touches. It’s like having a home studio filled with classic synthesizers that you’d otherwise pay thousands for. Although there’s a large price tag – the bundle provides exceptional value

Arturia’s V Collection 9 includes:

  • Korg MS-20 V – Classic MS 20 hardware synthesizer recreated into a virtual analog sound and a semi-modular synth plugin. 
  • SQ80 V – Hybrid lo-fi cross-wave hardware synthesizer fusing thousands of digital waveform combinations with crunchy analog filters.
  • Augmented STRINGS – Innovative instrument combining sampled strings with state-of-the-art synthesis and deep morphing controls to create a beautiful string synth.
  • Augmented VOICES – Blending the human voice with multiple synth engines and expressive controls for evocative hybrid and complex sounds.
  • Jun-6 V – modeled on the legendary Juno-6
A vintage synthesizer and vocoder setup with several knobs, switches, and patch cables connecting the modules. The unit features a keyboard at the bottom and two layers of control panels above, marked with various labels and oscillators. The equipment is labeled "Arturia", showcasing an intricate interface designed for versatile sound manipulation.
Arturia Vocoder
  • Vocoder V – unlike regular vocoders, Vocoder V combines carrier and modulator – synth and voice analyzer – into one powerful unit.
  • Analog Lab V – a massive selection of the best vintage & modern synths emulated classics
  • Jup-8 V – Fat, airy, and crystal clear, the classic sounds of the Jupiter polysynth.
  • Stage- 73 V – Modelling or the Stage 73 and Suitcase 73 tine-based electric pianos, includes a tube amp too.
  • OBXa – V – fat, creamy, and aggressive sounds of the OB-Xa V. Ideal for punchy bass, analog pads, and drones.
  • Synthi V – patch pin modular synth known as the ‘silver machine.’ Create some quirky sounds with the updated sequencer and effects.
  • CZ V – a budget synth that pioneered a digital synth revolution with its phase distortion sound.
  • Mellotron V – play your own samples with authentic tape emulation.
Plugin Boutique Banner with images of plugins and text. Text reads "Exclusive Plugin Deals, Upto 95% off, see deals"

  • CMI V – Fairlight sampler and additive synth plugin featuring real-time waveform shaping, effects and sequencer.
  • DX7 V – classic 80s sounds of the DX 7’s FM synthesis, now with an expanded mod matrix, custom envelopes, effects and a 2nd LFO. This makes frequency modulation a lot more fun!
  • Buchla Easel V – the beautifully whacky leftfield analog synth from 1973. Make ambient pads, drones, and weird sequences, great for sound designers who want to create unique sounds.
  • Clavinet V – the influential electric keyboard physically modelled as a software instrument, complete with customizable classic amp and effects combos.
  • ARP2600 V – a semi-modular synth VST, great for learning and exploring synthesis. Comes with polyphony, tracking generator modules, a sequencer, and effects. Beautiful.
  • B-3 V – The sounding B-3 electronic organ. It is a jazz, gospel, hard rock, and reggae staple.
A vintage-style analog synthesizer, adorned with various knobs, switches, and sliders, features prominently. The control panel is meticulously labeled with sections for arpeggiator, sub oscillator, VCO1, VCO2, mixer, filter, and output. Below the control panel lies a keyboard with 25 keys. The unit proudly bears the brand name "Arturia.
Arturia SEM
  • Farfisa V – A driven transistor organ with synth functionality such as user-definable waveforms, trem sync, envelopes, and effects added.
  • Matrix-12V – An analog polysynth legend featuring the big, brassy Oberheim sound.
  • Mini V – may be the most famous mono synth in history, loved for its fat, warm basses and leads.
  • Modular V – Arturia’s Modular V system was developed with help from Bob Moog himself. Loads of modules and patching for synth explorers!
  • SEM V – 8-voice version of Oberheim’s SEM featuring self-contained synth modules, modulation matrix, sub-oscillator, arpeggiator, and portamento.
  • Solina – Astring machine that delivers animated choruses and lush string textures.
  • Synclavier V – an elite digital synthesizer that uses additive and FM synthesis technologies
  • Vox Continental V – the pop-ready sound of the transistor-based Vox Continental
  • Wurli V – Reed Based Electric Piano
  • CS-80 V – Massive expression, stirring cinematic sound, and cutting-edge features for an instrument that breathes character, rebuilt from scratch.
The virtual analog synthesizer Prophet-5 V by Arturia features an interface displaying numerous controls and settings tailored for polyphonic modulation, oscillators, a mixer, filter, and amplifier sections. These elements are positioned above a traditional keyboard consisting of white and black keys.
Arturia Prophet 5
  • Prophet-5 V – the famous Prophet 5 polyphonic synth with subtractive synthesis, vector synthesis, and X-Y joystick for morphing the four oscillators.
  • Prophet-VS V is a unique wavetable-based synth renowned for razor-sharp digital precision and sci-fi sounds, reborn as a standalone instrument.
  • Piano V – Next-gen physical modeling piano, with 12 beautiful models ranging from vintage grand to modern cinematic, re-engineered in absolute detail.

Alternative – Arturia offers a free synth version (or introductory versions of analog labs called Keys. You can download that here. If you’re looking for more free synth VST plugins, you can check my article here).

You can buy Arturia’s V Collection 9 at Pluginboutique or rent to own from Splice starting at $24.99 /month.

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Depicting the Massive X synthesizer interface, the screenshot showcases numerous synthesis parameters such as oscillators, filters, modulation sources, and effects sections. Various knobs, buttons, and waveforms are clearly visible along with labeled controls for intricate sound design configurations.

5. NI Massive X

Characterful and powerful synth

View at: Pluginboutique

System Requirements:macOS 11, 12 or 13; Windows 10 or later
Plugin Format:VST2 & VST3, AU, AAX
Best Deal:View at: Pluginboutique
Pros:Great modulation & routing capabilities.
Unique sounds.
Cons:Would benefit from more effects

Native Instruments has been around for decades, and with such a stellar track record of virtual instruments, from Reaktor to Kontakt, you know you’ll find something interesting when you start digging around in their product lineup. 

Massive X is one of the company’s latest virtual instruments, building on the original Massive VST synth that made a name for itself during the dubstep craze.

It’s an incredibly versatile wavetable synthesizer with more than 170 wavetables to choose from. You’ll also find two oscillators and a variety of sub and effects modules, many of which are particularly effective for heavy-hitting bass synth sounds.

Screenshot of the Massive X synthesizer interface highlights a range of modulation controls, oscillators, and a virtual keyboard. Key elements include the modulation envelope, LFOs, pitch modulation, and various knobs for shaping sound parameters.

In terms of modulation, Massive X shines, giving you total control over each parameter. 

They built upon the original Massive drag-and-drop modulation system, providing a much more refined approach for sound designers.

Beyond the fresh interface, you’ll find six LFOs, four trackers, three performers, and three modulation envelopes. If you’re looking for a synth VST that uses wavetable synthesis and can provide dirty, gritty bass synth tones, Native Instruments Massive X is one of the best synth plugins around.

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Visible on the Phase Plant plugin interface are various controls and sections dedicated to sound synthesis. It includes waveform displays, modulation settings, filters, effects sections, and numerous knobs for adjusting sound parameters. The overall design of the interface is dark and intricately detailed.

6. Kilohearts Phase Plant

Semi-modular synth built for creative freedom

Rent to own at Splice
View at Pluginboutique

System Requirements:PC or Mac (M1 Native supported)
Plugin Format:AU, AAX, VST2, VST3
Best Deal:Rent to own at Splice

View at Pluginboutique
Pros:Semi Modular Synth.
Power patching potential.
Extremely flexible.
Cons:Maybe a little overwhelming for novices.

Kilohearts’ Phase Plant has been my go-to sound design synth VST for quite some time, especially when I’m looking to create abstract sounds and effects.

It’s a modular synthesizer with an extraordinarily powerful synth engine, offering some of the best sonic quality I’ve heard from almost any synth VST. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has a user-friendly interface as well.

Plugin Boutique Banner with images of plugins and text. Text reads "Exclusive Plugin Deals, Upto 95% off, see deals"

However, what truly sets Phase Plant apart from the crowd is its innovative modular design, which deviates from the conventional modular synth plugin layout. It’s actually quite refreshing to use, especially if you enjoy tinkering.

Unlike traditional synth VST plugins, which use fixed modules, Phase Plant takes a more dynamic approach, allowing you the freedom to rearrange modules as you see fit. There are almost endless sound design possibilities.

Plus, with a massive repository of 400 presets to choose from and four distinct signal generators, you have a wealth of sound design possibilities.

You can rent to own this plugin at Splice here, or purchase directly from Plugin Boutique here.

I noticed Plugin Boutique also offers a bundle with a video guide to using Phase Plant. The bundle saves you a bit of money and may be helpful for some who want an in-depth guide.

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Displayed in the complex modular synthesizer setup are various modules equipped with multiple knobs, buttons, and patch cables. Arranged methodically in rows and columns, these modules boast an array of colors and labels that signify a diverse range of audio processing capabilities.

7. VCV Rack 2 Pro

One of the best modular synth plugins available

View at: VCV Rack

System Requirements:Mac OS Windows 7+, macOS 10.9+
Plugin Format:VST, AU, AAX
Best Deal:View at VCV Rack
Pros:Free option available.
Massive module library
Access to emulated modular synth modules.
DAW integration

The VCV Rack 2 Pro modular synth VST is one of the best synth plugins on the market today for modular synth VST lovers. It’s a great platform for anyone who’s brand-new to modular synthesis; as the first modular synth VST I used, it helped me grasp synthesis and sound design basics. 

Also consider: NI Reaktor

As I’ve grown and better understood modular synthesis, it still provides an intricate workflow with endless patching capabilities, making it equally usable if you’re a seasoned music producer.

The great thing about the modular aspect of VCV Rack is that you can work with individual module sections, saving, editing, and sharing them along the way. It provides a somewhat ‘micro’ approach to creating sounds, as you can zoom in on each module browser and adjust any component you’d like.

Beyond its exceptional versatility and sound quality, VCV Rack 2 has one of the most impressive interfaces I’ve ever seen. I especially love the fact that they introduced Dark Room mode in the latest iteration of the synth, as it’s much more comfortable for late-night sessions when you want to save your eyes.

Free Version is also available here.

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The screenshot captures the Continua virtual synthesizer interface from Audio Damage, highlighting a range of controls and visual representations for oscillators, filters, modulation, and effects. Parameters such as Shape, Warp, Frequency, and modulation LFOs are evident in the display.

8. Audio Damage Continua

Virtual analog synth with a twist

View at Pluginboutique

System Requirements:macOS 10.12 Sierra or later, Windows 8.1 or later
Plugin Format:VST2 & VST3, AU, AAX
Best Deal:View at Pluginboutique
Pros:MPE compatible.
Excellent modulation options.
Flexible and morphable oscillators.
Cons:It’s not the best option for a virtual analog sound.

Continua is technically a virtual analog synthesizer at its foundation but offers a distinctive granular synthesis twist. With three oscillators and a spiderweb of adjustable parameters, it’s one of the most flexible pieces of music software for sound design. 

One of the main things that sets Continue apart from other VST synths is the virtually limitless waveform supply and additional modulation and noise capabilities.

Continua’s user interface is sleek and modern, making it just as interesting to look at as it sounds, and you get a wide range of state-variable filters and modulation parameters that you can use to morph and manipulate your sounds to your heart’s content. 

Continua can feel like a lot if you’re stepping into the world of synth VST plugins for the first time. It’s a very intricate synth plugin, and even after using it for a full week, I still didn’t feel like I had become fully acquainted with its workflow.

I’d recommend starting with some factory presets from Glitch Machines or Sonalsystem and reverse engineering the sounds to better grasp its granular synthesis workflow.

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The screenshot of the user interface for Newfangled Audio's software "Generate" showcases a variety of audio synthesis modules such as chaotic generator, wavefolder, and low pass gate. These components are interconnected by colorful routing cables, knobs, and sliders.

9. Newfangled Audio Generate

West Coast synth for chaotic experimentation

View at: Pluginboutique

System Requirements:macOS 10.9 and later, Windows 8 and later
Plugin Format:VST, AU, AAX (64 Bit only)
Best Deal:View at Plugin Boutique
Pros:Exceptional for experimentation.
Easy to tweak existing presets.
A distinctive pallette of sounds.
Cons:Maybe a little complex for newbies.

Generate is one of the best synth plugins for cinematic sound effects and sound design, whether you need ghostly pads and keys or spooky, evolving textures.

At the heart of this synthesizer, you’ll find what the people at Newfangled Audio call “chaotic generators.” These are essentially a collection of patterns and feedback loops that automatically and randomly organize themselves to create unusual sounds. 

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One of my favorite aspects of Generate is the range of modulation-friendly effects, including distortion, harmonics, grunge, and static. They sound amazing, which limits the need for other third-party effects plugins.

Under Generate’s hood, you’ll also find a huge preset library and many of the presets come from some of the industry’s most renowned composers and producers.

Like many of the other synth VST plugins on this list, it has a sleek user interface for easy control over your modulation parameters and onboard effects, so you won’t feel bogged down when getting started.

You can try out the free monophonic version of Generate called Pendulate here.

10. Sylenth1

An easy to use, great sounding synth

View at Thomann

System Requirements:Mac OS (64 Bit): from 10.9
Plugin Format:AAX DSP, AAX Native, VST2, VST3
Best Deal:View at: Thomann
Pros:Easy to Use.
Sounds great.
Good effects section.
Cons:Maybe too plain for some.

If I had to pick one timeless VST synth to rule them all, it’d probably be LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 synth plugin. Even though it has been around for a relatively long time, it’s still one of the best synth plugins around, especially when you need to craft those foundational EDM sounds that are still found in the top tracks today. 

With four oscillators, filters, two envelopes, two LFOs, an arpeggiator, and an FX Bank, you can create everything from supersaw leads and chords to ultra-saturated bass synth sounds.

Sure, you may not find a bunch of flashy features as you would on other more modern synth plug-ins, though it excels in its own abilities with absolute precision.

11. iZotope Iris 2

Comprehensive sample-based synthesis

System Requirements:macOS 10.12 Sierra and later (Intel / M1  / M2 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only), Windows 7 and later (64-bit only)
Plugin Format:AAX, VST 2, VST 3, AU
Best Deal:Download codes are still available; check the validity of any reseller.
Pros:Great Sample manipulation
Cons:No longer supported by Izotope

NOTE: Since writing, this synth has been discontinued. If you can still find a download code, it’s well worth the purchase.

Though I don’t often think of iZotope as a synth VST developer, as the company has become popular for its mixing and mastering plugins, Iris 2 is outstanding.

It offers unparalleled sample manipulation capabilities, meaning you can take just about any sound source and transform it into something entirely unique. While it’s particularly well-suited for cinematic sound design and sound effects, you can use it for almost anything.

If you’re an iZotope user, you’ll find the trademark visual technology pretty familiar. I love how straightforward the user interface is, especially when finding the right parameters to create new patches.

A screenshot of iZotope Iris 2, a software synthesizer interface, showcases four sample slots equipped with customizable amp envelopes and LFOs. The bottom section features tabs for distortion, chorus, delay, and reverb effects. On the right side of the interface lies a master control section.

If you don’t like building sounds from scratch, you can start with one of the meticulously crafted patches in the huge preset library before customizing it with the onboard filters and effects.

Overall, if you’re looking for an instrument for creating unique and innovative sounds, Iris 2 is a sound design dream come true, offering the perfect soft synth springboard or experimentation.

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