Cover image for the Ableton Fart Arp pack. Displayed next to a white toilet, "The Fart ARP" instrument rack screenshot catches the eye. The interface mimics an audio synthesizer with controls such as "Fart Attack," "Fart Decay," and "Fart Release", "Toilet Toll", "Reverb," and "Stomach Repeats.

Free Ableton Pack #010 The Fart Arpeggiator

Download via Gumroad

We’ve all been there, struggling to add that extra sparkle, the shine, the little something something to our tracks. How often do you find yourself asking the question… “If only I had a fart arpeggiator.’

Fear not, friend, I’ve got you.

Presenting… The Fart ARP.

The last production tool you will ever need.

Featuring 15 high-quality organic Fart wavs, painstakingly field-recorded using precision mics to capture their subtle warmth.

Each Fart has been meticulously crafted and carefully distributed over Ableton’s Sampler, at a staggering one fart per note. The intricate mapping creates a multi-rhythmic, sonically complex fart arp that rivals most hardware synths.

Worried your farts will flood the mix? Want control over your Farts?

Fart Arp has you covered. Using groundbreaking technology, you can now control the envelope of your farts. The Fart Arp features the following dynamic control:

Fart Attack – Let them sneak up on you.
Fart Decay – Make them punchy.
Fart Release – Hold it in, or let her rip.

47% of users agree that more control leads to more creation!

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Want to add depth to your productions?

Engage Sub Fart. Sub-bass farts have been added to give you more bottom end. More Weight. More presence. More up front & in your face.


Using virtual toilet roll synthesis technology, the toilet roll effect perfectly (and I mean perfectly) emulates farting into a toilet roll.

Avoid the Hotbox

Add a bit of space to your farts with reverbs and delays.

Stomach Repeats

Infinite feedback for infinite farts.

What you get:

15 x wavs
1 x Ableton .adg file

Note – You do not need Ableton to access the samples.

Available for download for free via Gumroad.

Thanks to the freesound.org pioneers who made their gassy contributions available. You are true mavericks.

Zippi1, timtube, ifartinurgeneraldirection,
dwsisstudios, ezcah, fartmaster666,
InspectorJ, breviceps, louie1204,
tv_ling, kuchtaa, samsterbirdies, aetherzip.

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