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75 of the Best Music Production Websites, Blogs & Forums

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I’ve compiled a mighty list for you to browse at your leisure πŸ™‚

I’ve pulled together all the best music production websites, blogs, forums, and magazines for music producers that I could into this one page. I’ve broken down the list into the following categories:

  • The best music production blogs – my personal favorites
  • More music production blogs & websites – the rest of the best
  • Music production forums – Find your community
  • Best Music Production Magazine Websites – Online music production magazines
  • Music Collaboration Websites for Music Producers – Websites that provide collab services

Each website has a link to the main website or blog. Some websites are duplicated in multiple categories, such as blogs & forums. If a website has a decent YouTube channel, I also link to that.

I’ll be keeping it updated, so feel free to bookmark the page and come back whenever and nerd out.

Feel free to comment below with any suggestions, and I’ll add if appropriate.

Hope you find this resource useful πŸ™‚

Best music production websites for music producers

These music production websites all have something in common – great content. I’ve selected websites that help us make better music, provide free production education, or provide free content to help us make music. Let’s get stuck in … πŸ™‚



Ableton can do no wrong in my eyes – I’m a little fanatical πŸ™‚ Their blog is a great read too.

The blog features not just Ableton-centric content but also interviews and discussions with electronic music artists. A lot of these interviews cover innovative approaches to making music and can be inspiring to the creative process of making music. Most companies create blogs to help sell their products, whilst this blog does do that, there’s lots of content that’s of interest to music producers.

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Bedroom Producers Blog (bpb)


I think bedroom producers blog is one of the best music production blogs out there. You’ll find production tips and tricks, free vst plugins, how-to guides and advice on how to make better music. This is a one stop shop for aspiring and beginner music producers.

They cover all topics related to music production, VST plugins, music-making software, digital workstations, audio hardware, and sound design tools. Check it out.

Producer Hive


This music production blog covers music production tips, studio setup inspiration, and interviews with underground music legends from across the globe. The blog contains useful, professional content to help producers improve their productions.



ELPHNT is the website of music producer and Ableton-certified trainer ELPHNT. You’ll find Ableton-centric content on his website, as well as free Ableton packs and paid products. His YouTube channel will also be of interest to Ableton nerds.


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Hyperbits website teaches music production, the blog features teachers from the Hyperbits Masterclass covering impactful production tips, techniques, plugins and strategies. All to help us make better, professional-sounding music.

A handy blog for covering basic music production concepts well.



EDM Prod is one of the biggest websites for music producers who make electronic music. The blog features some great, professional content about how to make electronic music, which will be of use to beginners. They also feature production tutorials and guides suitable for more advanced producers to develop their production skills. Absolutely worth checking out.

They have a helpful YouTube channel, too.



The main LANDR website provides professional AI mastering for music creators, plugins, distribution and sample packs.

Their blog is aimed as a companion guide to music creation, covering a good deal of content on music production, mixing, and creativity. You’ll also find some useful articles on plugins, beatmaking, music promotion and artist branding, audio mastering, digital distribution, collaboration, promotion, and sample packs.



Splice is one of the leading websites for music producers looking for samples, MIDI, Loops, plugins, and presets to create music with. The blog complements the song-making process by providing producers with content about recording, mixing, tools, tips, music theory, routines & processes as well as interviews with musicians and producers.

Discord Community: splice.com/features/community

WA Production Blog


WA production offer a lot of paid content on their site – which is worth checking out. If you’re not interested in their products, the blog provides lists of free downloads, tips & tricks for music producers, ‘how to’ tutorials & much more.

Best online DJ courses

Point Blank Music School


Point Blank Music School is one of the leading online music production schools. Their blog is a great source for music production news and tutorials, artist interviews, and music industry features. They also offer a wide range of music production courses.



Izotope is a leading manufacturer of vst plugins for music production and sound engineering. Their website contains a really helpful section on learning music production skills – of course, using their products πŸ˜‰

You don’t have to be an Izotope customer to benefit from the blog though. It contains foundational knowledge about mixing and mastering that can be applied with other vst plugins.

The content on the site is really well-written by music industry professionals and is an excellent resource for those wanting to improve their mixing, recording, and mastering skills.

Bobby Owsinski’s Music Production Blog


Bobby Owsinski is a prolific educator, writing a whopping 24 books about various music topics such as music, recording, the music business, and social media. I’m a fan of his books The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook and Social Media Promotion for Musicians and have featured him before in my Marketing Books for Music Producers & Music Production Books article. He knows what he’s talking about πŸ™‚

This blog covers content on music production, acoustics, microphones, production analysis, recording, and more.

The Pyramind Blog


Pyramid calls itself an elite music and audio production school. The blog offers helpful tutorials on electronic music production, mixing and mastering, arrangement, free video courses and more.

Sonic Bloom


All things Ableton Live, Ableton Push & Max for Live from Ableton certified trainer Madeline Bloom. Features Ableton Packs, Max for Live content, News, music production tips, production strategies and content featuring apps and controllers. One of the best Ableton & Max for live focussed blogs on the whole internet.

Brian Funk


Formally known as Afro DJ Mac – Berklee online tutor & Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Funk’s website is an Ableton Pack Heaven. You can get your hands on lots of high-quality free (and paid) Ableton Packs that he creates himself. You can download his 200+ Ableton packs here.

He also runs a useful producer community that you can join for $2 a month, where Brian provides Ableton templates, project files, packs, and solid advice.

His blog also features a selection of Ableton tutorials and music production advice to help you make better music πŸ™‚

I’m a big fan.

343 labs


The production blog of music production school 343 labs. I found the blog a little hard to navigate at first, but then I realized that each post is a summary of the week called “Pro Tips Fridays”. Each weekly post provides you with industry news that keeps you updated with free plugins, production techniques, and new music.

343 Labs also has a great YouTube channel. If you’re a techno producer, I recommend you check out Selway’s Techno Saturday live streams. He tends to sit in front of Abelton and make a techno or electro track.

Youtube Channel

Selways Techno Saturdays

Pirate Studios


One of the coolest websites on this list, the Pirate Blog covers a decent amount of music Tips and creativity hacks. If you’re not familiar with Pirate, they’re a company that offers studio space hire around the world. Useful for DJs, bands, and music producers to rehearse and collaborate in. The blog contains some useful content around DJing and rehearsal tips too.

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KVR Audio


KVR Audio News blog is a great resource for audio, MIDI, mobile music-making, reviews, AAX plugins, samples, and recording software.

KVR Audio is a global online community focused entirely on music and audio software technologies. KVR’s mission is to stimulate and cultivate the music and audio software community with a rich variety of content and services.

Output Blog


Output is a leader in music creation, inspiring people at all levels, from beginner producers to professionals. Music production blog covering music production advice, interviews with top musicians, latest news about Output’s software.

More music production blogs & websites

Best Music Production Magazine Websites

Sound on Sound


Sound on Sound magazine launched way back in 1985; since then, it’s become the go-to industry standard mag. The reputation Sound on Sound has earned has come from covering all the major music production topics in great depth and detail. You’ll find topics such as recording, mixing and mastering, production techniques, gear reviews, interviews, and production guides.

Attack Magazine


Attack magazine is dedicated to electronic music production and culture. Features, interviews and tutorials covering house, techno and other forms of dance music.

Music Radar


A great magazine and a great website featuring lots of useful, professional content. Keep a n eye out for their production guides and articles on free plugins.

DJ Mag 


Not specifically a music production blog, DJ Mag does offer a whole load of music news, plugin reviews, artist interviews and music tech content. It’s also great for finding new tracks and musicians who want to stay up to date with DJ culture and DJ industry news.

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CDM Music Production


Publishing since 2005, Create Digital Music is an online magazine and community for sound designers, musicians, DJs, and producers. They cover tools and techniques used in making and sharing music today and profile artists using technologies in new and inspiring ways.

Best Music Production Forums


Music production threads:

Ableton Forum


The Ableton forum is the place to go for all your Ableton needs.

IDM Forums


Intelligent Dance Music forums offer a community of music producers dedicated to IDM and other electronic genres.

KVR Audio Forum


KVR Audio’s well-established forum focuses on different aspects of music production, featuring topics such as Hardware, Sound Design, VST Plugin Development, Effects, Instruments, Production Techniques, and more.

Gear Space Forums – Previously Gearslutz


Dedicated music gear forum. A great forum for researching studio gear.

Dubstep Forum


Perfect forum for Dubstep artists and general electronic music production. Active forum containing production advice, how to guides and music sharing.

Sound on Sound Forum


The classic magazine’s forum – provides general music production, recording, and sound engineering advice. Multigenre forum frequented by audio professionals.

Sonic Academy Forum


Tutorials, Music Tech discussions, and plugins. A useful website for producers looking for track feedback.

Dogs on Acid


Forum for the Drum and Bass community.

Ryan Enzed’s Forum


Ryan Enzed’s Forum (Big Room/EDM).

Trance Addict


For all you trance music producers out there.

Ajuna Beats


Trance/Deep Progressive/Progressive Trance Forum.

FL Studio Forum


FL Studio Forum.

HomeRecording Forums


For the bedroom music producer.

Future Producers


A vibrant music production community featuring DJs, producers, beatmakers, musicians, hip-hop/rap/r&b artists and recording engineers.

Producers Buzz


You’ll find a lot here – Producer’s Buzz is a music production resource website, featuring free music production tutorials, music production software, royalty free drum kits, vst plug-ins, sound effects, soundfonts, instrumental beats and fl studio project files.

Song Stuff


The Music Production and Recording section of the forum covers creative technique and how to use music production tools. You’ll also find content on Hardware, Software, Analogue, Digital, PC, Mac, and studio effects, processors, mixing gear, connectors, amplifiers and monitors.

Psy Music UK


Psychedelic Trance producer forums

Waves Community Forum


Discuss and share tips & tricks, production workflows, your music and mixes.

Music Marketing Blogs

Aris Take


Author of the book “How to Make It in the New Music Business” Ari provides advice on making money from music, music marketing, and career development.



Very useful site for getting your music marketing sorted – offers guides, templates, and advice around music promotion and career development.

The Unsigned Guide


A blog featuring Music Industry news, music marketing, and advice.

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Ditto Music


Blog of the music distribution company Ditto Music. Useful for advice on music promotion and music marketing.

Tunecore Blog


Music distribution service TUnecore’s blog features articles about streaming and Tunecore news.

Music Collaboration Websites for Music Producers

Here is a quick list of handy music production websites for music producers who want to collaborate online. Some of the best websites for collaborations, file sharing, feedback, live sessions, and finding musicians, music producers, and sound & mastering engineers. God bless the internet.



Produce music in real-time with producers all around the world.

Repost Exchange


Collaborate with your music marketing efforts and build a SoundCloud following.



Publish your projects on Blend to get feedback and invite fresh collaborations.



Share your music with collaborators and receive feedback, all within a centralized hub.



Vollume is a cloud-based organisation platform that enables you to stay connected with all your teams music, metadata, artwork and more, anywhere, anytime.



Hire session musicians, talented songwriters, musicians, audio engineers, and music producers from all around the world. Opportunities to co-write and produce music in all genres and styles.



Find vocalists to collaborate & sing on your tracks.



Record, mix and collaborate on your music projects with Bandlab’s free online music creation platform (used by millions around the world to make and share their music). It’s free! 



If you already have your collaborators, you can collaborate all in one online project with BeatConnect, a free multiplayer music making platform.

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