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18 of the best YouTube Channels for Music Production

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If you want to improve your skills as a music producer, learning on YouTube can be a good option.. it is free. But… there’s a lot of noise out there to cut through. This is why I’ve put together this “best YouTube channels for Music production” article so that you can find some quality channels that provide helpful videos on music production, mixing, sound design, audio engineering, and general music making. Ideally, they’ll help you become a better music producer 🙂

Andrew Huang Youtube Banner

Andrew Huang


If you’ve been searching for music production YouTube channels, you will surely have come across Andrew Huang! Andrew is probably one of the more well-known YouTube channels for music production – and with good reason. He’s a good teacher; his videos are always clear and articulate, helping educate you about music production techniques and philosophies. Andrew’s approach is excellent for exploring compositional techniques and creativity hacks and providing general inspiration. It can be a little whacky too – which I love 🙂

The image displays the logo for Point Blank Music School. It features the initials "pb" inside a black circle on the left, and the words "POINT BLANK" in large, bold letters next to "MUSIC SCHOOL" in smaller letters below.

Point Blank Music School


Point Blank Music School is one of the biggest electronic music schools on the internet, teaching everything from DJ Courses, Music Production, Sound Design, mixing and mastering, and the Music industry. Their YouTube Channel is packed with quality videos covering music production, music theory, masterclasses, composition techniques, and gear reviews. You’ll also find some cracking guests on the channel, including DVS1, Richie Hawtin, and Claude Von Stroke.

If you’re looking for some introductory DJ lessons or electronic music production tutorials, this is a great resource. It also has really useful videos on reconstructing famous electronic tracks. Perfect for beginners and veteran producers wanting to improve their knowledge.

If you’re interested in their courses, have a look here.

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A black rectangular banner features the white text "Bring your sound into the world." The letters "o" in "your" and "sound," as well as the dot on the letter "i" in "into," are replaced with red circles.

Underdog Electronic Music School


I love Oscar. I found this channel when it first started and have happily watched it grow to over 200k subscribers. Oscar is an electronic music producer who runs Underdog Electronic Music School, which is maybe why he’s such a good teacher. Oscar’s way of breaking down electronic music production techniques is top-tier. It’s always clear and informative, and I get good vibes from every video he puts out. I believe he has a passion for making electronic music – maybe because he likes genres similar to mine? Check out his tutorials if you’re into techno, house, or electronica. Great for beginners and professionals – recommended!

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House of Kush Youtube Banner

The House of Kush


Well-known musician and mixing engineer Gregory Strs Scott runs The House of Kush. Here, you’ll find in-depth tutorials and reviews of analog gear plugins used in music production.

This valuable YouTube channel is for those who want to learn about mixing, music production, and studio techniques.

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EDM Prod Youtube Banner



You may know LANDR for its automated mastering and distribution services. They’ve become a well-known brand selling plugins and software for music producers of all genres. Their channel provides useful tricks and resources for music producers of all genres. There are videos on producing, making music, improving your sound, making beats, mixing, creative and career strategies.

Joey Nato Youtube Banner

Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato


Joey is a mix engineer, songwriter, and music producer who makes tracks in various genres, such as hip-hop, EDM, and pop. The channel features advice and tips on a range of production topics, including mixing and mastering techniques. You’ll find a lot of rap content and beat-making.

Produce like a Pro Youtube Banner

Produce Like a Pro


Record producer and mix engineer Warren Huart runs Produce Like A Pro. Huarts has worked with and mixed a lot of big names in the music industry – this channel is him sharing that wisdom and knowledge. His channel provides content on music production, recording, mixing, songwriting and the music business.

EDM Prod Youtube Banner

EDM Prod


If you want to improve your electronic music production techniques, check out EDM Prod’s YouTube channel. You’ll find a good amount of technical tutorials, music production youtubetips, and creative/mindset-based advice. It’s a really cool channel for music producers who are after genre-specific production techniques. Their music psychology videos are also very useful for helping producers with focus, discipline, workflow, and their creative process. Perfect for learning to produce EDM.

Pensado Place Youtube Banner

Pensado’s Place


Dave Pensado is a legend. He’s been around for decades, mastering his craft as a mixing engineer. He has worked with a list of clients that includes big hitters such as The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber Beyoncé, and Janet Jackson. With a couple of Grammys to his name, it’s safe to say Dsve knows his stuff.

Although not aimed at music producers and production, the channel has a fantastic amount of videos about mix engineering and the mixing process. If you want to improve your mixing chops check out the Dave’s tips, techniques and tutorials.

Great for intermediate to advanced producers.

You suck at Producing Youtube Banner

You Suck at Producing


Run by host Underbelly, “You Suck At Producing” provides producers with a fun, sarcastic, laidback approach to music production tutorials. His channel helps make complicated topics accessible -and fun. He’s got loads of general tips and advice about music production, also check out his playlists where he has video series on how to improve your drums, music theory, songwriting, sound design and mixing.

Producer School Youtube Banner

The Producer School


The Producer School is a perfect channel for music producers looking to make electronic music. They have guides on how to produce music like certain well-known electronic artists, such as Bicep and Fred Again. The channel also has an in-depth series on how to make Tech House and Future Bass from start to finish, which is ideal for beginners. It is a great learning resource for electronic musicians.

PML Youtube Banner

Production Music Live


Production Music Live is a company that sells electronic music tutorials, sample packs, and electronic music courses via their website. They’re worth checking out if you’re looking for a course on a specific genre. Their YouTube channel shows what you can expect in those courses. The channel covers in-depth tutorials specializing in electronic music. You’ll also find videos on music theory, sound design, mixing, mastering, and arrangement.

It is ideal for both beginners and intermediate artists.

Check out their paid courses.

Other Channels

Selection of other recommended YouTube Channels:

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