The Nova Drone is an open source, analog experimental sound and light synth that I made as a DIY synth project. It produces continuous drones from its six oscillators that evolve, sync and modulate via 6 LFOs. 

It’s a unique synth because you can route the synth circuit onto a bread board and really twiddle with the signal path. This allows you to add capacitors, transistors and resitors to your osciallor signal which in turn creates some very unique and random sound design. If you like experimenting with synths go and find one!

I recorded mine into Ableton, chopped up the recordings and made:

5 x Free Ableton Instrument Racks
9 x Nova Drone Pads wavs
7 x Nova Drone Noises wavs

Think otherworldly, weird space pads and ambient drone.
The noises are squeeks, bleeps and screeches.
Will suit the adventerous and those after more unusual sounds for their music productions.

Can download as an Ableton Project or you can download the samples seperately for other DAWs.

The download file contains a free Ableton Live pack file and a sample folder. Enter your email below and I’ll email it to you. If you prefer, here is a download including only the free samples.