Cover image for the free Ableton Live pack called "Dirty DFAM Toms" is prominently displayed. The backdrop features a textured grey surface, while the bottom section showcases an image of a Moog DFAM analog drum machine.

Free Ableton Pack #011 DFAM Toms

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A free Ableton pack made from recording the Moog Drummer From Another Mother – AKA the DFAM.

The DFAM is a semi-modular synth from the Mother 32 synth family. It’s a wild little beast, so I thought it would be cool to record its ‘presets’ and make an Ableton instrument rack out of them.

The DFAM’s presets come as a fancy patching card that is placed over the synth to guide your knob & patch cable placement. The toms I recorded here are from the ‘Tribal Drums’ patch. There are only a few of them, but they pack punch.

These are perfect if you’re after a dirty analog-sounding kick or tom. I recorded the Moog Mother 32 dry, chopped up the audio to samples, and put them into a drum rack – no compression or EQ has been added.

I’ve also included a loop. This is part of the DFAM preset when the sequencer is activated. I slightly compressed this with the Arousor compressor and gated the loop to thicken and clean it up. I have also included a saturated version of the loop to show how well these Toms respond to saturation and distortion – so my advice is to lay it on 🙂

(I saturated it with the Fabfilter Saturn)

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Why would I want that?

To add depth and subby tom / kicks to your productions. Perfect used solo – or layered onto other toms and kicks.

In the Download:

Samples of DFAM Toms.

1 x Ableton ADG File “DFAM Toms” as a Drum Rack.

11 x One Shot Hits

2 x Loops (same loop)

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it / dragging into Ableton.


Enjoy 🙂

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

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