The picture showcases a Eurorack module labeled "2HP Pluck," featuring knobs and jacks with labels such as "Trig," "Damp," "Decay," "V/Oct," "Out," and "In." Above the module, text reads "Free Ableton Live Pack #012." Additionally, a ribbon cable is seen connected to the module.

Free Ableton Pack #012 2HP Pluck

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Download via Gumroad

A free Ableton pack made from samples of the modular synth 2HP Pluck.

2hp is a modular synth company that makes neat little synth modules. The Pluck is one of them.

The Pluck, as you might have guessed, sounds like a plucked string. It uses physical modelling and something called ‘the Karplus-Strong algorithm’ to create its quirky pluck sounds. It sounds a little like a harp, though when used with a shorter decay on the module it creates more percussive sounds.

I have recorded the module with its parameters set quite open so that you can get a flavour of its brightness

There are only a few samples in the pack – I’ve added some extra functions to the pack to provide more versatility to this instrument. There’s an arpeggiator and various FX to provide some creative inspiration!

Screenshot of Ableton Instrument Rack featuring the parameters for a 2HP Pluck synthesizer module. The interface includes several knobs and sliders such as Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Filter, Filter LFO Time, Delay, and Delay Time. Each control element has corresponding values indicated beside them to provide precise adjustments to the sound parameters.

Most of the parameters are self-explanatory – A note on some of them:

Flango – Is a mix of Chorus & Flanger amount

Flango Crazo – Controls the modulation, feedback and delay parameters of both the flanger and chorus.

Grain – also controls the Spectral Resonator dry /wet amount.

Check the Mappings if you want find out more by hitting the “Map” tab in the Ableton Instrument rack.

If you’re interested in the sounds, check out the module itself – it’s got a lot more flexibility than the sounds sampled in this Ableton pack.

You can find out more about the Pluck here.

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Why would I want that?

To add some bright pluck sounds or arpeggiations to your productions!

In the Download:

Samples of 2hp Pluck.

1 x Ableton ADG File “2hp Pluck” as an Ableton Instrument .adg.

4 x Variations

Samples of Pluck Included.

Ableton Project File

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it / dragging into Ableton.


Enjoy 🙂

Alternatively, you can follow my guide here: How to install my Ableton Packs.

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