Free Ableton Pack 004

Free Ableton Pack #004 – Boomwhackas

Ableton pack 004 features a few recordings of percussionist Dave Insua Cao‘s Boomwhack selection. Dave helped me samples loads of percussive goodies from his studio which are now available as Ableton Live packs.

I’ve put the Boomwhacka samples into Ableton’s sampler and created a simple instrument. Each one shot can be played dry or you can add some sonic flavour using the effect rack. The effects in this rack are made up of resonators, phaser, delay and two filters. This really allows for some quirky sound design and potential for interesting melodic sequences to be made. I also included an arpeggiator to really increase the Boomwhackas’ versatility.

Give it a go – you might be suprised how good this can sound for basslines!

The download file contains an Ableton Live pack file which includes an Ableton Instrument Rack and a sample folder.

1 x Ableton Instrument Rack – “Pipes” 
7 x Boomwhacka One Shots (.wavs)
1 x Boomwhack Loop

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