Free Ableton Pack 005

Free Ableton Live Pack #005 Donkey Jaws

Free Ableton Live Pack 005

‘Donkey Jaws’ is a free Ableton pack that includes an Ableton Drum Rack and free samples. You can currently download via Gumroad for free – or a small donation if you’re feeling generous. It’s great little pack for adding some alternative percussion to your productions.

The pack came to life after I spent an afternoon with percussionist Dave Insua Cao digging out weird and wonderful percussion in his studio. He’s got some amazingly weird objects to sample… the Donkey Jaws being one of them 🙂

The samples included in the pack are made up of strikes and scrapes of various sized jaws from both Horse and Donkeys, all performed by Dave. These recordings were then used to create an Ableton drum rack with the various hits & scrapes. I’ve added an effect section to the Ableton rack too add a bit of spice to the samples.

The hits are great used dry, or with the effects for some unusual sounding percussive elements.

Why would I want that?

Make some unusual sounding percussion elements!

In the Download:

Samples of Donkey & Horse Jaws turned into an Ableton Drum Rack.

The samples are included in the project as well as an Ableton Drum rack with added effects.

1 x Ableton Pack
1 x Drum Rack
1 x Sample Folder containing one shots

How Do I use it?

Simply install the pack by double clicking on it / dragging into Abelton.


Enjoy 🙂

Available for free via Gumroad

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