Ableton Pack cover image shows a variety of aged metal objects forms the background while a white rectangular banner superimposed on top announces "FREE ABLETON LIVE PACK #009 METALS.

Free Ableton Pack #009 Metals

Ableton Live Pack # 009 features various-sized metals recorded at percussionist Dave Insua Cao’s studio.
Dave helped me sample loads of weird and unusual percussion, which I’ve used in a few of my free Ableton Live packs.

This pack contains samples from various metal offcuts, which have been turned into two Ableton Instrument racks. Each rack uses a combination of samples and effects to create a water metal sounding instrument.

The effects in both racks are made up of corpus, grain delay and reverb. 

The download file contains an Ableton Live pack file which includes an Ableton Instrument Rack and a sample folder.

2 x Ableton Instrument Rack – “Water Metals” & “Water Metals II” 
2 x Sample Folder

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