Free Ableton Live Pack 003 - Wet / Dry Rack

Free Ableton Live Pack #003 Wet Dry Rack

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Wet dry Ableton Live Rack

This simple free Ableton live pack includes a “Wet Dry Rack” for controlling the wet dry signal of any VST plugin.

This is really useful as some Ableton instruments and third party VST plugins don’t have a wet dry knob. Now you can drop those effects & plugins into this rack. This will give you so much more control over your vst synths, instruments and effects.

How do I use the Wet Dry Rack in Ableton?

All you need to do is add the wet dry rack to the Ableton channel you want to use it on.

Then drop the VST that you want to use as an effect into the Rack’s “WET” Chain and you’re ready to go! Adjust the dial for the amount of the effect you want.

You can use this free ableton pack to add more subtle amounts of third party VSTs and Ableton effects that don’t have a dedicated wet dry setting (such as beat repeater). There are many other creative uses for it, such as using it to send signal to a compressor. This gives you a semi parrallel compression which can be really for sound design and mixing .

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Where do download the Ableton Pack?

You can download this free ableton pack via Gumroad here.

How do you make a dry wet Rack in Ableton?

You can of course make your own wet dry rack in Ableton by doing the folowing:

Add an audio effect rack to an audio channel in Ableton.

Click the Chain icon to view the chain list.

Right click and create 2 new audio chains by clicking ‘Create Chain’.

Rename one ‘wet’ and one ‘dry’.

Drag the zone edit for each channel from 0 to the maximum value of 127

Now drag the much smaller blue line on each channel to create a volume fade. You will need to decrease the volume for the dry chain and increase the volume for the wet chain.

Now we need to be able to fade our audio signal between the chains we have created. We can do this by mapping the chain selector to our macro controls.

We need to see the macro controls to be able to map our chain selector. So click on the view macro controls button in the effect rack. This will display the macro control panel.

Now right click on the chain selector (the blue vertical line) and map it to macro 1.

Rename this Macro “dry/wet”.

Now let’s tidy up the effect rack by removing the unused macros. You can do this by hitting the minus button in the rack.

Now you’ve got a wet dry rack!

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