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Best Music Production Courses

8 of the Best Music Production Schools, Institutes & Courses

Which are the best music production schools? If you want to be a music producer and make professional sounding music you’re going to need to learn some music production skills. You can do that by attending courses for music production in person or doing a music production course online. This article will help you review the best courses for music production.

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black and white photo of wind turbines on the moors


Windmills is the latest electronic / IDM release from The Velvet Shadow Centered around a looping beat and use of the modular synth ‘2hp Pluck’

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Artwork for the single Dreamlines by The Velvet Shadow.


When the first lockdown started in 2020 I was living alone. I wanted to write some music that was calming and created a sense of

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50mg Album Artwork


Atmospheric Electronic Music https://studio.youtube.com/video/sGkI_n8Ka-c/edit 50mg by The Velvet Shadow You can buy on Bandcamp here or stream on your prefered service here. I wrote this

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