The Velvet Shadow


Latest Single from The Velvet Shadow was released on Friday 17th August 2022.

Centered around a looping beat and use of the modular synth ‘2hp Pluck’ Windmills is an ethereal IDM workout. The focus of this track is the syncopated pluck lead riff that mimics the turning of a windmill. The riff pattern is backed up with a meaty bass and acoustic drums. The repeating pattern never gets repetitive as its sprinkled with effects and subtle variation. Windmills climaxes with a wonky analog synth section where things go mental before returning back to the orignal riff.

Windmills is now out on your favourite streaming service. You can click the links below to listen.

Genre: Electronic Music, Electronic Dance, intelligent dance Music, electronica

Mood: Chill, Dark, Sexy, Ethereal


Album artwork for Blowout by The Velvet Shadow


Blowout is an ethereal electronic soundtrack weaving intricate modular synths over a woozy analog bass line. Blowout creates a sense of upbeat energy, space and escapism. 


When the first lockdown started in 2020 I was living alone. I wanted to write some music that was calming and created a sense of space and freedom for myself. Dreamlines is what emerged. Inspired by the preset “Dreamlines” on my Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 I created a floaty melody that provided calm and serenity. I also wanted just a little bit of angst to creep into the piece, so there’s a little flourish of drama too.

Listen HERE